Tweet-sized Tuesdays #4

Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Sep 22, 2009 in Tweet-sized Tuesdays

Excellent week so far :) PT this morning was rough, but I needed it — still a (lovable) pudgeball. Midterms in 2 weeks! O_o Night folks! :D

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Random updates

Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Aug 27, 2009 in Randomness

It’s probably a good thing that RSS readers play such a big role in the traffic to law:/dev/null, because this whole plan to consistently write earlier in the day has been pretty hit-or-miss (with slightly more miss than hit).

I actually had plans for an entry last night, but I ended up staying up late celebrating with friends — one of my former protégés in the NC State Student Senate, a mere sophomore, got elected President Pro Tempore last night over seasoned opposition (congratulations again Jackie! :D). So I cut short reading my Contracts cases to head to Raleigh and meet her and other folks at the Carolina Ale House for food and drinks, and didn’t make it back to Durham until around 1am or so.

Then after classes today I headed back to Raleigh to knock out my Physical Fitness Test for the United States Marine Corps (joining the JAG after law school) — don’t think I’ve ever been more physically drained since I moved to North Carolina over a decade ago.  I’ve let myself turn into a pudge-ball over the last 2 years and have a lot of work to do before Officer Candidate School next summer.

A brief nap, dinner, and some Torts readings later, and here I am realizing I forgot whatever my earlier poignant entry was going to be, so instead you get random snippets on miscellaneous miscellany :)

  • I announced to the class that I’m running for one of the SBA representative positions for the Class of 2012.  Almost got thrown off my game by a young lady I’ll call Madame Prosecutor, who called me out right after I tested the microphone and goes “Mr. Tdot, are you running for office?”  It made me smile… but then broke my concentration on my speech so I could make 110% sure I remembered her name and figured out how to incorporate her commentary into my own.  I tend to get crazy nervous when speaking to a large crowd, and that brief lapse in focus made me acutely aware of how large the room looks from being up front.  Not sure anyone noticed it though, because I even got some pity applause when it was over :)


  • Refunds tomorrow!  (hopefully)  I need $$.  And I’m fairly certain I’m going to make getting refunds sooner the central platform plank of my campaign, because I’ve basically leveraged my position with that non-profit group I work with to start a conversation with our Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer on how to make it happen.


  • And Snow Leopard gets released tomorrow too.  It’s like Christmas in August :)


  • First graded assignment turned out pretty well, so the Professor is actually letting us skip Friday class if we want.  If sleeping in is the reward for good grades, I’ll be a 4.0 student by the end of the year ;)


  • Still enjoying the people in law school too.  No matter how monotonous the material in any class gets, all of us cut up in the back of the room.  Folks are getting more comfortable with each other too.  Even though we’ve got some clear cliques already, people actively talk to the folks in the other groups.  Still haven’t found study partners of my own though because I’m still trying to shake the K-12+college habit of studying on my own.  Hopefully I’ll get that fixed soon.


  • First business meeting of the UNC Association of Student Governments starts tomorrow night at UNC Wilmington.  There’s a hurricane off the coast of North Carolina (naturally), but I’m still going to have fun ;)


  • We’re officially on the radar of spammers as of about 48 hours ago.  I wasn’t running Akismet originally, but after logging in to find two dozen comments on “crack smokin’ grannies” and other various topics that can’t be mentioned on a quasi-family-friendly blog, I went ahead and got a WordPress API key and turned it on.  I’m still amazed people actually spend so much time in their day writing scripts to discover spam-able blogs and then carpet bomb their comments sections…


That’s it for tonight, off to wrap up the Torts readings and head to bed.  Have a great night everybody! :D

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