Bejeweled Blitz is worse than nicotine

Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Nov 7, 2009 in Randomness

I don’t know if I should be mad at é›…é›… for introducing me to this ridiculously addicting game, or if I should be mad at Madame Prosecutor for pointing out at lunch on Wednesday that “I never see you on here anymore” (because my score is among the lowest of her friends).

It started out as a couple-minute break from CivPro, trying to catch up to everyone else…

Which turned into 20 minutes…

Which turned into 40…

Which turned into me realizing I really need to get back to studying, and still haven’t broken 140K (meaning I’m still in 13th place)…

I guess the only person I can be mad at is me, for letting myself be goaded into this competition. Can you be a gunner over a video game?


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To counsel, or not to counsel?

Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Nov 2, 2009 in The 1L Life

Stayed late at the N.C. Central School of Law today for the first time since the semester began. I usually head for home once class is over, partly to avoid drama and partly because my apartment is tailored to my learning style, but there was an interest meeting for the ABA’s Client Counseling Competition just before dinner. Madame Prosecutor mentioned it to me during poker night on Friday, and given our competitive tendencies I figured I needed to make an appearance in case I decided to join in.

Have any of y’all done any of these? Are they worth the effort?

Participation nets me an ungraded 1-credit course in exchange for extra work in November/December/January. And it’s a team competition, so I’d have to find someone who’s (i) competent, (ii) personable, and (iii) able to tolerate me (and vice versa). I don’t really need it for the résumé… but at the same time, I loooooove competition.

2Ls, 3Ls, post-Ls — give me your thoughts please :D

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Midterm postmortem

Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Oct 28, 2009 in NotFail

Given the lengthy class schedule on Wednesdays, blogging on law:/dev/null usually takes a back seat to reading for LRA, CivPro, Property and Torts — hence the birth of Tweet-sized Tuesdays.  But Property was canceled yesterday so the Traveling Professor could evaluate some of the lower-ranking faculty members, giving me an extra hour and 15 minutes to give y’all something more than 140 characters to read…

…which instead morphed into an opportunity to watch a L&O:SVU marathon instead of blogging :D  So you’re getting yesterday’s post today :beatup:

Since the last two midterm grades got returned to 1Ls on Monday, several of my former colleagues at NCSU and a couple fellow 1L blawgers wanted a quick rundown on how things went.


But before getting into those results, I figured I should clue y’all in on the 3 basic standards I’m using for evaluating my grades in law school — which in turn determine how much stress I’m willing to tolerate in getting future grades ;)

  • The Nan Standard: This is the highest standard, applied by a minority of jurisdictions — namely my grandparents. Nan & Pops remember that I actually used to be a good student back in elementary / middle / high school, so they expect nothing less than perfection in law school.  Getting a B is unacceptable when you could get an A — and getting an A is unacceptable when you could get an A+.
  • The Teachers-Who-Know-TDot Standard: This is the opposite of the Nan Standard, applied by the (predominantly Computer Science) faculty who helped push me across the undergraduate finish line. While a few may have convinced themselves I’m a good student, these folks are realists — they’re happy as long as my grades are high enough for me to graduate.
  • The TDot Standard: The TDot Standard is a hybrid applied by the only jurisdiction that matters (me). Setting C- as a minimum and striving for an A+, this is an expectations-based standard — any grade in between the floor and ceiling is acceptable, as long as I’m fairly certain my grade is going to be around that range when I leave a test ;)

So keeping these standards in mind, how did midterms turn out? The professors are happy, the grandparents aren’t, and despite performing marginally better than I expected I’m kicking myself for missing easy points.

On to the actual classes…


Even though we didn’t have an exam in LRA, I didn’t want you loyal readers to feel cheated by me leaving out any mention of the class I loathe the most. LRA is the single most-useless class offered at the N.C. Central University School of Law, in large measure because the grading is gratuitously arbitrary and the concepts taught are of minimal utility. Every single 2L and 3L I’ve talked to has said essentially the same thing — they hated LRA, it was their worst grade in 1L year, LRP will be much better next semester, etc.

At least I know I’ll be in good company, because my grades in LRA thus far are all over the map.  LRA grades aren’t exam-based; instead, 5 assignments worth 10% each occur at roughly 1.5 week intervals, and the remaining 50% is based on drafting a legal memorandum at the end of the semester. So I’ve gone from a B one week to a D the next, on assignments that aren’t so substantially different as to merit the huge grade swings.

Grades thus far: A-, B+, D, B-, D+
Current average: C+ (raw)

Synopsis: I’ve pretty much given up hope in this class, though crossing my fingers there will be a curve of some kind. I just want to get this legal memorandum assigned so I can finish it, wash my hands of this class, and focus on the other courses.


CivPro was the first midterm in the series, and the night before the test Madame Prosecutor was kind enough to smack me upside the head with the sheer breadth of stuff I still didn’t know.  Between arguing with her and going through flashcards with Q.T. for a couple hours, the post-exam expectations ranged from supreme confidence that I knocked it out of the park to abject horror that I failed.

Luckily the former expectation was more accurate. I was 7 for 7 on the multiple choice questions and did fairly well on the essay — an analysis of supplemental jurisdiction, pendant claims, and (what I thought was a minor point) a couple motions to dismiss. I lost a boatload of points for not distinguishing the types of motions (12(b)(1) on lack of subject matter jurisdiction versus a 12(b)(6) failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted), which led to bleeding more points throughout the essay in various sections.  But I wasn’t alone: the class average was 4.3 out of 7 multiple choice questions, and 4.9 from 13 points on the essay.

Expected grade: B+
Actual grade: C (raw), A (curved)

Synopsis: I love this class. It’s not easy, but it’s cool and the debates about jurisdiction have been engaging. Hoping I can keep up for the last 5 weeks.

Contracts is our only class on Thursdays, so naturally it was our only Thursday midterm. Although I’ve kept up with the readings and felt like I understood the material, I had a sinking feeling when I left that I botched the test. How did I know? We’re allowed to use our supplement containing the UCC on the midterm, and I spent far more time than I should have reading through it (to the point where I almost ran out of time on the essay).

My misgivings were right, but for the wrong reasons. Turns out I only got 7 of the 10 multiples — but the multiples I missed were the first 3 (aka the easiest ones). In reviewing them in class yesterday, I misread the answer I picked for Question #1… and the answer you provide on Q1 was the basis for the answers on Q2 and Q3. So I basically gave away 15 raw points for not paying enough attention.

Expected grade: C
Actual grade: C- (raw), B (curved)

Synopsis: Need to work harder here. I wouldn’t care as much if I had fumbled the harder multiple choice questions, but knowing I gave away the equivalent of a full letter grade on a totally incompetent mistake really frosts my Wheaties…


After CivPro, Torts is my 2nd favorite class so far. We had midterms here and in Property on the same day and there was a lot of material to study, but Torts seems particularly well-suited to studying via flashcards (intentional torts, elements, defenses, etc).

Percentage and trendline of Torts midterm grades

Percentage and trendline of Torts midterm grades

I knew this stuff backwards and forwards.

But then I made a rookie mistake of not watching the clock during the midterm, running out of time before I touched 2/3 of the essay (which was worth 50% of the grade)… and that 2/3 happened to have more points per element than the 1/3 I covered.

Sure enough, this was by far my most dismal grade and the overwhelming bulk of points lost were on the essay. I consider it a blessing that Professor Torts gave me the grade she did.

Expected grade: D-
Actual grade: C+ (multiples raw + essay curved)

Synopsis: The clock is my enemy in this class. Hopefully with the 3 hours we’re given for the final everything will be fine.


This was our last midterm for the week, and we were given a last-minute surprise — no multiple choice questions. Turns out a professor in another section had accidentally posted the exam multiples on TWEN instead of the set of practice multiples they intended, so to keep things fair 100% of the midterm grade was on the essay results.

And it just so happened the essay topic was on adverse possession, the one area I had studied incessantly to make sure I got it right. After leaving the midterm I knew I had destroyed it so thoroughly that I was worried the essay would file suit for conversion :D

I snagged the A that I wanted, and was given the unexpected bonus of having one of the top 3 “model” responses in the section. w00t.

Expected grade: A
Actual grade: A (and in Top 3)

Synopsis: If I can keep track of all the defeasible estates terminology we’re going through now, I should be able to totally dominate the final.


Current GPA so far through midterms: 3.07

About 5 weeks to go until finals, and a lot more work to do until then. We’ll see how it goes :)

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In the words of Mark Twain…

Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Oct 19, 2009 in NotFail

…”Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.” :)

I’m not sure if it’s wishful thinking or if folks just happened to read ImNobody’s entry on blawgs dying around mid-October (hopefully the latter), but my unexplained absence over the weekend prompted at least one person to think I pulled the plug on law:/dev/null.

No way — there’s a reason this place exists, and therapists’ prices are still too high for an alternative ;)

My favorite animal since I was kid... and coincidentally my University's mascot :)

My favorite animal since I was kid, and coincidentally the NCCU mascot

Today was actually Fall Break for the N.C. Central University School of Law, so this weekend was spent disconnected from the world as much as possible.

On Friday a group of friends and I played poker at my apartment (I actually won something for a change), Saturday was spent in Greenville attending the Homecoming festivities at East Carolina University (a place I never attended but frequently visit based solely on its reputation for parties), then on Sunday made a trip to the North Carolina State Fair in Raleigh — where, in addition to being reminded why I love North Carolina, I happened to stumble upon the new centerpiece for my dining room table :D

I also decided I was going to introduce a new category on the blog: !Fail (which had to be written out as NotFail since WordPress doesn’t like the ‘!’ :beatup: ).

We all know every 1L goes through less-than-fun times, and I noticed by the numerous entries in the Fail category that I complain (a lot) even though law school hasn’t been bad at all so far (I’d even say it’s almost been fun). Then on Friday we got our grades back on those CivPro midterms and… I actually did pretty doggone good too. ((Notably present among the top performers: Madame Prosecutor. Notably absent: the Unnamed Gunner.))

So a little celebration was in order, and in tribute to the Boolean ! operator I gave myself the gift of a new category. It’s also why the normal Fall Break festivities didn’t include any updates here at the blog ;) Hopefully none of you missed me too much, though if you did you have my appreciation :*

I’m heading back to read for tomorrow’s classes, gotta keep up the pace from now until finals — have a great night folks! :D

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A quick shout out to Madame Prosecutor & Q.T.

Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Oct 7, 2009 in The 1L Life

Can’t write anything lengthy today — once Torts wraps up this afternoon, I’ll be bunkered in my room studying Contracts all night.

But I did want to say a quick “omgthxusomuchsrsly!!1” to Madame Prosecutor and Q.T.  My CivPro midterm was at 8:30am this morning, and it went much better than it would have gone otherwise.  Madame Prosecutor argued with me at length while reviewing the material, and it exposed how much of it I thought I knew but didn’t.  Then I wrote down a handful of index cards and reviewed with Q.T. for about an hour (and kept going through them in my head on the drive to class today).

End result? Assuming my essay turns out as well as the multiple choice options, I’ll be in good shape heading into finals :)

So thank you both!  And to everyone else — keep your fingers crossed for me plz! :D  The Ks exam is @ 8:30am tomorrow, then Torts and Property are both on Friday! :eek:

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Overanalyzing overanalysis

Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Oct 1, 2009 in Drama

I really hate being wrong.

Down in the comments of this entry from a few days ago, I mentioned to idwsj that the law school drama (at least involving me) had pretty much died off.  Evidently I neglected to knock on wood or something because one of my classmates was working hard to rope me in today.

It started shortly after Contracts.  Class itself had me rolling, as we went over cases like Wright v. Newman (266 Ga 519) — affectionately referred to as the Baby Mama Drama case.  I suspect few things can prompt more humorous class discussion among 1Ls :)

Once class was over I headed downstairs to my locker to grab a few books and head home, same routine I’ve followed for weeks now.  A fellow Legal Eagle I’ll just refer to as the Unnamed Gunner ((Apparently a friend of the fine upstanding gentleman I was conversing with here)) comes up to me and asks if I’m planning on being at the law building on Saturday since we have midterms next Thursday and Friday.  I tell him I’m not, that I’ll be heading to the Aggie-Eagle Classic ((The rivalry football game between the Aggies of North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University and the Eagles of North Carolina Central University.  Among HBCUs it qualifies as A Big Dealâ„¢ :) )) in Greensboro.

Then comes the crazy:  “Yeah whatever man.  I saw you being the first one to turn in your LRA quiz on Tuesday and then the first one to finish in Torts yesterday.  Do you think you’re better than us or something?”

::cue scratching record sound effect::

I’m not sure if it was the comment itself or the look of “wtf?” that came across my face, but a young lady walking by us promptly choked on her coffee.

Let’s hit the obvious point first — why the hell are you keeping track of when I turn in my assignments? Insecurity? Envy? Inherent stalker tendencies?  You might get better grades if you pay attention to your own work instead of figuring out when I’m done with mine.  Just saying.

Second:  how does someone in law school make the logical leap from finishing an assignment first to feeling superior as a result? Last time I checked, none of us got bonus points for how many seconds were left on the clock when we turned something in.

I’m usually one of the first people done because I refuse to overanalyze the problems.  I’ll read the facts, re-read them again to make sure I understand them, pick an answer and move on.  It’s a strategy that served me well on the SAT in high school, all throughout college, and on the LSAT before coming to law school.  If I sit there and think about the question even more, I’m that much more likely to change my mind and go from having a maybe-correct answer to choosing a definitely-wrong one.

For an example, compare Madame Prosecutor and myself.  Madame Prosecutor is the archetypal “good student” — she has two degrees already, is heavily active in a bunch of stuff, studies hard, and makes good grades.  She’s also 1 of only 2 people I’ve met so far in my life who can successfully make me feel like I haven’t accomplished much in my almost-three decades on God’s earth. ((The other being QuietStorm, an intensely competitive young lady I couldn’t beat at anything… so instead of trying to win I just convinced her to date me for 7ish years.))

Madame Prosecutor takes a lot longer to finish her assignments than I do.  So do I feel superior to her because I finish sooner?  Of course not, because (among other reasons) she gets better grades.  But I’m also not going to do any better compared to her by mimicking her.  Would spending more time on a question help me do better?  Not likely.  It would, however, substantially increase my chances of doing worse.

That’s not me thinking I’m superior, it’s me doing what I know works for me academically.  I’d suggest you do the same… preferably without stalking me in the process ;)

Hope all of you had a great Thursday, and enjoy your night! :D

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Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Sep 20, 2009 in Randomness

I love Sundays.  A big breakfast of bacon, eggs and biscuits (or french toast if I’m in a festive mood).  The morning political talk shows.  Studying CivPro and Torts out on the deck.  A relaxing, home-cooked dinner.  And Law & Order SVU marathons.

L&O marathons are lifesavers for boredom. I usually just cut on the TV in the background while studying.  On one of today’s reruns (Season 7 Episode 13), detectives are chasing a pedophile who runs up to a rooftop, gets cornered, and decides to jump to an adjacent building.  He makes it, but as he’s trying to pull himself up his hand slips, he falls 20 floors and goes splat.

And I start laughing. Hysterically.

This is one of the reasons I’m going into law instead of law enforcement…


Sorry for being MIA for the past couple days.  Friday was spent studying, cleaning and hosting some folks for a poker game (I lost all of my $$ to Madame Prosecutor) then Saturday was all about college football and going to see a movie ((500) Days of Summer — surprisingly good flick).  I’ll try to do better next weekend :)  Have a good night folks!

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“TDot and [insert name here], sittin’ in a tree…”

Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Sep 7, 2009 in Drama

Back when Facebook first unveiled their FB Chat function last year, I didn’t particularly like the implementation from a CSC perspective but thought it was a marginally useful web app for me to bypass the AIM firewall at my day job. At some point a few weeks later I logged in to update a Facebook group I had created for my poker buddies, and someone started asking me for an update on UNCASG. While talking to that person, someone sent me a message wanting to know about the next Student Senate meeting. Then my mom wanted to know if I was still going to graduate the next Spring. Then someone else wanted me to help fix their computer.  Before I knew it I was running 10 conversations deep and couldn’t extricate myself from any of them, so I abruptly logged out after about 30 minutes of getting nothing accomplished… without ever updating my Facebook group.

I haven’t used FB Chat since.

Until last week.  A classmate and I were talking via Facebook messages about school stuff, she got tired of how long the conversation was taking, and told me to get on FB Chat.  I logged in, realized you could now cut off your visibility based on your lists, promptly turned off every list except for law school, and proceeded to have a real-time conversation without any interruptions.

Since no one but NCCU 1Ls could see me online, I didn’t bother shutting down the Chat functionality when I was done.  That was probably a dumb idea.  I randomly log in today (while watching the USA Law & Order Labor Day marathon) and end up in the following conversation:

[Note: other than name changes, this is a copy-and-paste]
Legal Eagle:  hey man
Legal Eagle:  whats good wit u?
TDot: chillin’ man, finishing up laundry and studying for tomorrow. you?
Legal Eagle: figuring out where I’m gonna watch this game tonight!
TDot: cool deal
Legal Eagle: yeah man, FSU gonna whoop dat ass!
Legal Eagle: let me ask u a question. what’s up wit u and Madame Prosecutor?
Legal Eagle: heard u 2 were getting close
TDot: wtf…
TDot: whotf said that?
Legal Eagle: ppl talk man
TDot: define “people”
Legal Eagle: don’t worry about it bro. me and some of the guys were talking at lunch today and they had heard the same thing.
TDot: I just met her 3 weeks ago. We didn’t even have a non-law-related conversation until this past week.
Legal Eagle: that doesn’t sound like a denial to me lol. u tryin to smash?
TDot: are you fucking kidding me?
Legal Eagle: lol. no man i’m serious, i heard she was talking about u!
TDot: ok…
Legal Eagle: don’t u wanna know what she said?
TDot: not really
Legal Eagle: hahaha bullshit
TDot: I’m serious
Legal Eagle: u r lying bro
Legal Eagle: y not?
TDot: Let’s think about this. Just for the sake of argument, let’s pretend that I *didn’t* move only 30 minutes away for law school, that I *didn’t* have a life before law school, and that I *don’t* know or talk to or see any of the people I knew or talked to or saw in undergrad
Legal Eagle: u dont have to be like that
TDot: let me finish
TDot: So we’re assuming I live in isolation
TDot: And recalling that she and I just “met” essentially a few days ago
TDot: So 1 of 3 things are possible
TDot: If she said something positive, like “omg TDot is the most amazing guy ever”, I’m going to think she’s crazy b/c she doesn’t know me
TDot: If she said something negative, like “that TDot is such a prick I hate his ass”, who wants to hear that shit?
Legal Eagle: lol
TDot: And the most likely scenario is that all she said was “There’s some guy TDot in my classes, and this other guy such and such, and this chick so and so” and you’ve turned those first few words into something bigger than it is
Legal Eagle: hahaha
Legal Eagle: fuck u man its not like that
TDot: ok, so what did she say?
Legal Eagle is now offline
Legal Eagle is now online
Legal Eagle: sorry my fb is messing up
TDot: so what did she say?
Legal Eagle: what?
TDot: Madame Prosecutor? What did she say that had you and “some of the guys” all abuzz?
Legal Eagle: its not important man
TDot: y’all are ridiculous
TDot: deuces
Legal Eagle: I heard u bought her flowers for her birthday man
Legal Eagle: thats some heavy ish
TDot: dude it was a $3.99 potted plant from Food Lion
TDot: I figured it’d be a slightly more useful gift than a birthday card for the same $$
Legal Eagle: lol ok bro
TDot: my mind is really blown right now
TDot: I’m out, need to start studying for tomorrow
Legal Eagle: hahaha aight
Legal Eagle: peace

Really? Really? I expect this sort of thing from the Student Government crowd, or maybe 3rd graders. Apparently we don’t have enough studying to do or something…

To the people who have trouble keeping my name out of their mouth: give it a rest. Thx.

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Learning from my mistakes…

Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Sep 3, 2009 in Fail

… just kidding.

I made some minor lifestyle changes at the start of the week to improve the odds of me not repeating old habits. So far I’ve been successful, and today was no exception. I was even awake and coherent enough to take a 7:30am phone call from a classmate asking me about the 3 general exceptions to the Mailbox Rule in our Contracts class ((i) if the offer itself specifically states a condition(s) that means the MBR doesn’t apply, (ii) if the offer is an option contract, and (iii) if the acceptance follows a prior rejection).

But I seem to have an impressively impressive ability to be late to class.

The morning commute typically takes 10-12 minutes. I usually leave 20 minutes before class so I’ve got a cushion for days when I hit a bundle of red lights (typically 9-10 of 16). Today I was up early enough that I even left 25 minutes ahead of time, just for fun.

And then somehow got stuck behind a frequently stopping school bus on a 2-lane road.

No government incompetence this time. I didn’t oversleep. It wasn’t even a big rig blocking me.  My timing was just that perfect. To get stuck. Behind a school bus.

I get to the door just in time to see Professor Contracts walking back to the podium after closing it.  So instead of going over consideration doctrine in Contracts class, I’m in the Fishbowl reading the news. Fail.

At least there’s Wolfpack football tonight, the end of the week tomorrow, ECU-ASU football on Saturday, beautiful pool weather on Sunday, and a day off Monday :D

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Random updates

Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Aug 27, 2009 in Randomness

It’s probably a good thing that RSS readers play such a big role in the traffic to law:/dev/null, because this whole plan to consistently write earlier in the day has been pretty hit-or-miss (with slightly more miss than hit).

I actually had plans for an entry last night, but I ended up staying up late celebrating with friends — one of my former protégés in the NC State Student Senate, a mere sophomore, got elected President Pro Tempore last night over seasoned opposition (congratulations again Jackie! :D). So I cut short reading my Contracts cases to head to Raleigh and meet her and other folks at the Carolina Ale House for food and drinks, and didn’t make it back to Durham until around 1am or so.

Then after classes today I headed back to Raleigh to knock out my Physical Fitness Test for the United States Marine Corps (joining the JAG after law school) — don’t think I’ve ever been more physically drained since I moved to North Carolina over a decade ago.  I’ve let myself turn into a pudge-ball over the last 2 years and have a lot of work to do before Officer Candidate School next summer.

A brief nap, dinner, and some Torts readings later, and here I am realizing I forgot whatever my earlier poignant entry was going to be, so instead you get random snippets on miscellaneous miscellany :)

  • I announced to the class that I’m running for one of the SBA representative positions for the Class of 2012.  Almost got thrown off my game by a young lady I’ll call Madame Prosecutor, who called me out right after I tested the microphone and goes “Mr. Tdot, are you running for office?”  It made me smile… but then broke my concentration on my speech so I could make 110% sure I remembered her name and figured out how to incorporate her commentary into my own.  I tend to get crazy nervous when speaking to a large crowd, and that brief lapse in focus made me acutely aware of how large the room looks from being up front.  Not sure anyone noticed it though, because I even got some pity applause when it was over :)


  • Refunds tomorrow!  (hopefully)  I need $$.  And I’m fairly certain I’m going to make getting refunds sooner the central platform plank of my campaign, because I’ve basically leveraged my position with that non-profit group I work with to start a conversation with our Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer on how to make it happen.


  • And Snow Leopard gets released tomorrow too.  It’s like Christmas in August :)


  • First graded assignment turned out pretty well, so the Professor is actually letting us skip Friday class if we want.  If sleeping in is the reward for good grades, I’ll be a 4.0 student by the end of the year ;)


  • Still enjoying the people in law school too.  No matter how monotonous the material in any class gets, all of us cut up in the back of the room.  Folks are getting more comfortable with each other too.  Even though we’ve got some clear cliques already, people actively talk to the folks in the other groups.  Still haven’t found study partners of my own though because I’m still trying to shake the K-12+college habit of studying on my own.  Hopefully I’ll get that fixed soon.


  • First business meeting of the UNC Association of Student Governments starts tomorrow night at UNC Wilmington.  There’s a hurricane off the coast of North Carolina (naturally), but I’m still going to have fun ;)


  • We’re officially on the radar of spammers as of about 48 hours ago.  I wasn’t running Akismet originally, but after logging in to find two dozen comments on “crack smokin’ grannies” and other various topics that can’t be mentioned on a quasi-family-friendly blog, I went ahead and got a WordPress API key and turned it on.  I’m still amazed people actually spend so much time in their day writing scripts to discover spam-able blogs and then carpet bomb their comments sections…


That’s it for tonight, off to wrap up the Torts readings and head to bed.  Have a great night everybody! :D

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