Best Week Ever?

Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Mar 28, 2010 in The 1L Life

Maybe, maybe not — but definitely much improved over the week before :D

  • Sunday: Knocked out my closing argument for NCCU Law‘s annual Mary Wright 1L Closing Argument competition.
  • Monday: Successfully registered for all the Fall 2010 classes I wanted… most of which were completely filled 2 minutes later :crack: 1Ls edged out the 2Ls in the annual Law Week basketball game, winning on a 3-pointer at the buzzer.
  • Tuesday: Raised some eyebrows (in a good way) with my no-bullshit candidate speech for SBA Treasurer. 1Ls stomped the 3Ls in the Law Week basketball championship, winning by double digits.
  • Wednesday:  Not entirely sure what happened, but I’m assuming it was good since I don’t remember :beatup:
  • Thursday: SBA Election Day :) Also got to visit some of my Wolfpack family at the candidate forum for N.C. State‘s CALS1  Agri-Life Council.
  • Friday: Celebrated turning not-quite-30 :D Day #1 of the monthly UNCASG meeting went smoothly.
  • Saturday: UNCASG Day #2 not only went smoothly but was incredibly productive too. Enjoyed a post-meeting birthday dinner with about 20 of the delegates+officers (and continued carousing at the hotel afterwards). Also  in mid-celebration get an update on the Law Week Banquet taking place back in the Triangle: got 3rd place in the Mary Wright competition, and also got elected SBA Treasurer :D

Not sure this upcoming week will compare favorably, but at least I’ll have mid-80º temps to look forward to… ;)

Have a great night everybody! :)

  1. College of Agricultural & Life Sciences — the only 1 of NCSU’s 4 largest colleges from which I didn’t have a major or a minor :beatup: []

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Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Feb 18, 2010 in Student Government

It’s been a good day :)

Things started off well when I made it to Legal Research & Persuasion on time. A minor success to be sure, but with our new schedule this semester I miss 2 days’ worth of LRP every time there’s a UNC Board of Governors meeting — so this is the first lab I’ve been to since the semester started :beatup:

It got even better when we got grades back for the quiz I mentioned yesterday. The grade itself wasn’t a surprise (BlueBook/citation stuff is one of the things I did professionally back when I was a paralegal) but it means I don’t have to go to class tomorrow. And since Professor Ks cancelled that class too, it also means I get to sleep in extra late since those are the only 2 classes we have on Friday mornings :D

But the main joy came from reading the student newspaper at my alma mater.

Some quick background:  I briefly mentioned last month that the statewide UNC Association of Student Governments had already gathered 15,000+ student signatures on a tuition petition calling on state legislators to scrap a mandated tuition increase (with $$ raised going to the state’s General Fund) and replace it with a smaller tuition increase set by the Board of Governors (with $$ raised staying on each respective campus).

Back when we were prepping the campaign, back before the first signature was signed, we got a lot of hostile carping from a lot of different folks — and as the guy in charge, most of it was directed at me.

One well-connected person told me to “hold off.” Another more tersely insisted “your plan is not going to be helpful” (though he was kind enough to preface it with “with all due respect”).  And then there was N.C. State’s Technician, which was kind enough to editorialize here that the Tuition Petition was a “futile gesture designed to improve the image of student leaders”… yet another condemnatory editorial in a span stretching back to the start of my 1st term :roll:

But then by the time last week’s BOG meeting started, the number of signatures had grown from 0 to over 20,000 — over 90% of our 21,500 goal, with 3 weeks left to go.

It was a point I made sure to mention in a speech from the podium, flanked by over a dozen Student Body Presidents and other student leaders from over half the institutions in the University system, with thick stacks of signed petitions in their hands :angel:

After the meeting, the very same gentleman who just a month earlier said the petition campaign wouldn’t be helpful came up and thanked us for doing it, noting how helpful it would be when budget deliberations take place this summer.

Then today, as I’m in the FishBowl reading for Torts, I discover the Technician wrote a fresh editorial… now citing what they call the “great” work UNCASG is doing with the petition.

I almost fell out of the chair :beatup:

Now I’m not the obnoxious type to demand someone say point-blank they were wrong, but I’m more than willing to infer it from their subsequent words/actions ;)

So yeah, it’s been a good day :D We’ll see how tomorrow turns out :)

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Things TDot Likes: Men’s Wearhouse

Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Feb 12, 2010 in Things TDot Likes

“You’re going to like the way you look.  I guarantee it.”

That’s the corporate tagline for Men’s Wearhouse, the clothing store where I’ve gotten most of my professional attire over the past few years. But when I pulled my BlackBerry from its holster this morning, I got a message that could work almost as well:

“U have to have big [cojones] to wear a pink tie and a pocket square lol.”

A little color never killed anyone :D

That was from one of my colleagues during today’s meeting of the UNC Board of Governors, where we adopted tuition/fee rates for the 2010-11 academic year.  Those rates included a long-sought fee to fund a football team for UNC Charlotte, as well as a fee to finally build a new student center at N.C. State

…but the topic of discussion for several Board members kept shifting back to my hot pink tie and matching pocket silk :beatup:

I actually started the draft for this post a couple weeks ago after a not-quite-but-somewhat similar occurrence. A fellow 1L from the N.C. Central University School of Law stopped by to hang out for a bit, saw me putting my tie racks in order, and remarked about how much I’d “grown up” compared to my earlier wardrobe.

Now I’ve never been a fan of the stereotypical “corporate” look — black or navy suit, white or light blue shirts, earth tone ties, no pocket silks, etc. But I confess it’s what I used to wear back when I wasn’t in school, since it’s what everyone else wore too.

Then one day I went into a local S&K Menswear1 looking for a French blue pocket silk. The staff looked at me like I was crazy, and one of them even tried to talk me into getting a navy blue silk instead (a color I already had, and didn’t need even if I hadn’t). I left disappointed and figured I’d try the Men’s Wearhouse shop next door.

I not only found the French blue silk I was looking for, the ties/silks area was like a color pinwheel with all sorts of vibrant choices. Not sure what the salesperson was pulling down in commission, but I happily parted with a tidy sum of $$ to get a few ties, matching silks, and shirts.

It was love :lovestruck:

I’ve been shopping there ever since. Suits, shirts, ties, silks, even the occasional tuxedo rental. They’ve even helped me put together a slightly-exotic outfit every now and then, like when I had to find a suitable shirt / tie / silk combo to match these colors for UNCSA.

So if you’re a guy looking to add a little visual pizazz to your attire, Men’s Wearhouse just might be the place for you ;)


I’m taking the weekend off from blogging to (hopefully) get caught up in CivPro and Legal Research. See y’all on Monday, have a great night! :D

  1. Later acquired by Men’s Wearhouse, ironically enough []

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NCCU Law 1Ls take Silver in K-S competition

Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Jan 17, 2010 in NotFail

The unexpected miracle run had to end eventually, and today was the day :cry:

But after a hard-fought trial in a rematch against Duke Law, the NCCU Law 1L Trial Team — the Legal Eagles — still finished in 2nd place in the 2010 Kilpatrick-Stockton 1L Mock Trial Competition :D

I’ll confess there were some aspects of the final that had me in a certifiably frosty mood when I left the UNCCH Law building earlier this afternoon, but the particulars aren’t the type of thing worth detailing in a family-friendly forum like law:/dev/null ;) I will say our entire team turned in an excellent performance, and it’s been an honor to serve as their captain :)

Top 4 teams in the 2010 Kilpatrick-Stockton 1L Mock Trial Competition

Something that was worth pointing out (at least IMO) is this chart I put together of the final 4 teams.

Now I know several of my Duke Law friends will argue with this chart — as some already have :beatup: — claiming that the difference in cost of attendance is irrelevant, since their salaries at summer associateships and after graduation will more than make up for the extra law school expense.

And they’re certainly right… to an extent.

But given my aspirations to spend my career in public service, on top of my acquired distaste for BigLaw, I’d be lucky to pull down in a year what the Duke grads will make in a month. Keeping that in mind, and considering both of us made it to the finals in this particular competition, as of now I’d say we’ve got the better Return-On-Investment :)

The folks over at Fight the Hypo wrote this entry on the topic of ROI a few weeks ago.

Aside from the clichéd “bang for your buck,” this is also one of those cases where I really can’t consider a loss as a loss: when the judges announced the results this afternoon and handed me a certificate for our team’s performance, the crowd was told “If this were a real trial, the verdict would be to acquit.”

So we lost the competition… but won our case. As much as I love being #1, it’s gratifying to know a client paying us would have gotten their money’s worth ;)

Here’s how the final competition turned out for us over 4 days:

  • Round 1A:  UNCCH 1 vs. NCCU (W)
  • Round 1B:  NCCU vs. Campbell 3 (W)
  • Round 2:  NCCU vs. Campbell 1 (W)
  • Round 3:  UNCCH 7 vs. NCCU (W)
  • Round 4:  NCCU vs. Duke 1 (W)
  • Round 5:  Duke 1 vs. NCCU (L)

I’d be ecstatic if my Wolfpack could keep an 83% win-loss ratio in football (or basketball, or hell any sport for that matter :beatup: ) — so I’m pretty doggone happy+proud of us :D

And now I can finally go back to reading the cases I’m paying that $8K in tuition+fees to study ;)

Many thanks to all of you who commented and emailed and FB’d me to send your support, it meant a lot! I’m hoping I’ll be able to repay the gesture at some point over the next 2 years :)

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Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Jan 16, 2010 in NotFail





For serious. The final round of the Kilpatrick-Stockton 1L Mock Trial competition is tomorrow. And the NCCU Legal Eagles are in it! :D

The 2009-2010 NCCU 1L Trial Team -- the Legal Eagles :)

We had 3 rounds today, with our prosecution beating a 2nd Campbell team this morning, our defense knocking out a 2nd UNCCH team this afternoon, and the prosecution defeating a team from Duke this evening.

Since the finalists are based on scores, we’re actually having a rematch against Duke tomorrow — this time it’ll be our defense squad (including me) up against their prosecution.

32 teams started. 2 are left.

Wake Forest sent their best… and lost. Elon sent their best… and lost.  Campbell sent their best… and lost. UNC Chapel Hill sent their best… and lost.

I’m hoping in tomorrow’s entry I’ll be able to tack Duke onto that list ;)

Plus our 2L trial team just found out about an hour ago that they’re going to Nationals for TYLA or NOLA or something — I’ve been so wrapped up in my own stuff I don’t even know :beatup: But I know it’s a good day to be an NCCU Eagle :)

I’m heading to bed so I’m bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for tomorrow’s marathon. Good night y’all! :D

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Success!! (Redux)

Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Jan 15, 2010 in NotFail

So last night our defense team beat UNCCH.  Tonight the prosecution team competed… and beat a squad from Campbell :D

The NCCU 1L Trial Team (aka the Legal Eagles): 2

Our competitors: 0

Waiting on the schedule for tomorrow before heading to bed, but we’re definitely competing in the next round at this point at either 8am or 10am :) I’ll let y’all know how it turns out.  Until then have a great night :D

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Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Jan 14, 2010 in NotFail

The defense team (my side) of the NCCU Legal Eagles competed in the Kilpatrick-Stockton 1L Trial Team competition tonight… and we won :D

We successfully beat a team from UNCCH Law, and now we wait until Friday night to figure out if our score was high enough to get us into the next round on Saturday morning.

Now I’ve gotta rush and study for class tomorrow :beatup: Good night folks!

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One more thing

Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Sep 3, 2009 in Background

National Jurist magazine ranked the N.C. Central University School of Law as the #1 Best Value in the country.  For the 2nd year in a row.

That’s one of the main reasons I’m here, but the magazine explains it far more eloquently than I did.

For folks who don’t have physical access to the magazine and want to read it online, check it out here.

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