[Posted 11/02/2009; revised 09/02/2012]

I didn’t think I’d ever actually need one of these, but back in November ’09 several folks told me it was/is a good idea so…

  1. As you can probably guess from the title, this is my personal blog. It contains “musings of a computer scientist turned law student” a.k.a. me — not anyone else.
  2. Although I am a lawyer, nothing on law:/dev/null should be considered legal advice or anything that would create a lawyer-client relationship with us. If you’re looking for legal advice from a low-end blog like mine, you have bigger problems than whatever legal issue you’re dealing with :*
  3. law:/dev/null is not endorsed by, affiliated with, or in any legally significant way related to N.C. Central University or its School of Law, N.C. State University or its Computer Science department, the consolidated University of North Carolina or any subdivisions thereof (including the UNC Association of Student Governments), or any other group that might be embarrassed / annoyed / infuriated at anything that gets posted here.
  4. With very few exceptions, everyone quoted on this blog has a generic placeholder name so they can’t be identified. I blog for fun, not to produce drama. If you want law-related theatrics, cut on a Law & Order marathon.
  5. Occasionally you will see copyrighted material posted in an entry for the purpose of offering my $.02 about it, as allowed under the fair use doctrine of American copyright law. If you see your copyrighted material on this site and believe it does not fall under the fair use doctrine, please send me an email (“tdot [at] lawdevnull.com”) and I’ll review the issue.
  6. Don’t sue me plz kthxu :D

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