“Let me tell you a story…” (Part 1 of 9)

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Out of the 561 published posts here at law:/dev/null, only about 9% or so are actually about me — who I am as a local internet legend ( B-) ), as opposed to my travails as a mediocre student / slightly-less-mediocre student politician / not-mediocre-but-broke solo practitioner.

Some of those T.-centric posts are squirreled away here in the Background category, while the rest mostly fall under the About TDot tag. Among them you’ll find the occasional disclosures like me being an extra in a Disney movie, thoroughly embarrassing myself academically in undergrad, and accepting my fate as a bald guy.

Well for the next week I’m going to take a break from writing about law stuff to share a smidge more about myself — and in video form! :D

Back in 2010, the N.C. State Libraries ((A unit I absolutely love love love with all my heart, even though I hardly ever used them as a student. Librarian Susan Nutter and her staff are among the most student-focused administrators in the entire University, and their philosophy of doing things on “student time” — getting any changes done in less than 4 years so current students can actually enjoy what happens — is a complete upending of traditional bureaucratic decision-making. They’re examples who should be emulated by everyone at NCSU. Period.)) started a really cool project called the Student Leadership Initiative, where the Special Collections folks were gathering oral histories from past Student Body Presidents about their times at the University.

I’ve always had a visceral hatred of the office of the Student Body Presidency though, ((I talk about that in one of the videos that will get posted this week :angel: )) even going as far as writing a preemptive resignation letter to my Senate President Pro Tempore in case the SBP were ever removed. So I kindly impressed upon the Libraries staff the importance of getting other non-SBP leaders, ideally including folks from the Student Senate. ((Specifically folks who were “pro-Senate” first — over the years we’ve had a number of Senators go on to be Student Body President, but I wanted people whose institutional loyalties were unquestioned ;) ))

They graciously agreed, and included one of my closest friends and political allies among the interviewees.

Then a year later, back during October of my 3L year, they invited me :spin:

The final resulted ended up being this snazzy page with some of my SG-related highlights (and lowlights ((Including the generously euphemistic “took time off from school following his sophomore year” :beatup: )) :beatup: ) and a few video snippets of me rambling about campus life.

And if that wasn’t cool enough for me — certified Student Government geek with his geekery enshrined on one of his alma mater’s websites — they recently sent me a DVD with the whole doggone interview! :surprised:

So naturally I’m going to post it here :D

That’s it for this entry tonight. I wanted to give you the backstory on what to expect, and for the rest of this week I’ll be posting one chunk of the interview each day so you can learn a little bit more about your friendly neighborhood blogger :)

Have a great night y’all!


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