Blawgpocalypse 2.0: Any new law student blawgers?

Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Jun 14, 2012 in Randomness

It looks like writing a blog has fallen out of fashion among the law school crowd :surprised:

Last night, during a Twitter convo hosted by Alison over at The Girl’s Guide to Law School (hashtag #1Ltools if you want to see the archives), Matt Hollowell at LexisNexis Law School was kind enough to mention the law:/dev/null blogroll in response to a question about active bloggers:1

I was flattered to be recommended, but then a little embarrassed that I’d let the blogroll fall into such decay (it hadn’t been thoroughly updated since September :beatup: ).

So earlier today I set aside some time and combed through the list, checking out the latest entries, looking through the blogrolls of other blawgs to see if there were new folks that I’ve been missing, etc…

…and blawg after blawg after blawg has been shut down or locked up or converted to something not-at-all-law-related :eek:

There were a couple surprises — BrokeJD is back, and imnobody posted briefly before disappearing again — but the moral of the story is that there are surprisingly few active law student bloggers (at least that I can find).

Y’all know I like numbers, so here’s some data.  We’ve got 194 blawgs on the blogroll as of this entry, which I’ve been collecting since my 1L Fall semester in 2009.

Here’s how they break down using the coding system from my 2L Fall blawgpocalypse entry:

  • Active: 70
  • Single-tilde (~), no updates in 1-2 months:  10
  • Double-tilde (~~), no updates in 3-5 months:  15
  • Triple-tilde (~~~), no updates in 6+ months or password-protected or deleted:  99

Over half of law school blogs: totally inactive

That’s not a typo folks: barely a third of the law-related blogs on our list are still being updated, with over half completely inactive :crack:

And that doesn’t consider several “active” blogs that now have nothing at all to do with law or law school; if I took those out of the active count, the inactive numbers would climb even more.

Compare that to the October 2010 blawgpocalypse entry where only 15% of the blawgs were in “~~~” territory… and that was with only 149 blawgs!2

So now that our blogroll has been updated, the main point for this post:  are there any new law student bloggers out there?

The insights and experiences of current/former law students are a great resource for prospective and future ones, and I’d love to have everyone included on our list. If you’re a law student blogging somewhere on the internet and you’re not listed on the right — or you’re reading someone’s law school blog and it’s not there either — please consider posting in the comments or sending me an email (tdot [at] lawdevnull.com) so I can fix it! :D

That’s it from me for tonight, I’m off to go watch some more BarBri lectures and keep grinding away on multiple choice questions. Have a great night y’all! :)


From the law:/dev/null blogroll-related archives:

  1. This fancy new Twitter-box thing is integrated into the latest WordPress upgrade. If you’re thinking about blogging, you owe it to yourself to use WordPress! []
  2. It makes me feel a smidge anachronistic that law:/dev/null is still around :beatup: []

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