NC SPICE 501(c)(3) app: DONE!

Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Jun 13, 2012 in The After-3L Life

It’s been a pretty awesome day :D

I’m now only 1.5 lectures behind the bar prep schedule, and finally feeling like I’m at least making some progress.

Before today I’d been doing horribly on the MBE practice questions except for two subjects:  ConLaw (which I’ve been “studying” since high school), and CrimLaw (which I’ve taught to 1Ls as a TA the past 3 semesters).

My BarBri MBE performance from 05/19/12 through yesterday 06/12/12

Torts in particular had been horrible, followed closely by Evidence.

But after doing a couple hundred multiples and trying to absorb the rationales for the answers, I’ve managed to bring up my percentages into the mid-50s or higher (except Torts :beatup: ) and should be able to boost that a bit more before the MBE part of the exam on July 25th.

Speaking of the bar exam, my character and fitness interview for the State Bar was earlier this morning and wasn’t nearly as intimidating as I expected: two attorneys went through every page of my bar application, asked me a couple questions about some of my previous jobs,1 and then talked a bit about the North Carolina Small Practice Incubator & Collaboration Environment I’m working to pull together.

The whole thing took maybe 15 minutes in all, and they seemed to like the NC SPICE concept. Hopefully other attorneys will too…

On the NC SPICE side, the first meeting of its Board of Directors is officially set for July 20th, 2012.

And, most importantly, the 501(c)(3) app to the IRS is DONE! :spin:

If you’re not familiar with the nonprofit world, the IRS’s Form 1023 is a (very) thorough document helping them scrutinize whether or not a group can qualify as a charitable organization. The final version of ours came out to 56 pages and outlines what’s planned as we get off the ground. We’re required to make it available for public inspection so I’ll likely upload a copy here once I get caught up on bar prep stuff — if you want to take a look before then, just let me know :)

I’m off to go resume watching this Property lecture then heading to bed. Good night y’all!

  1. It amazes me how my work at the State Bar all the way back in 2002 (!) actually came in handy as a conversation starter, because several of the folks I worked with are still there a decade later :surprised: []

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