It’s October already?? O_o

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Remember when I wrote that I enjoyed being in over my head?

I’ve changed my mind :beatup:

It’s safe to say the semester is going by entirely too d*mn fast when we were more than week into the month before I finally realized it was October.1 Midterms are this week for the 1Ls and 2Ls, and a string of papers are due for me. I’m ready for this month to be over and we just fast-forward to Thanksgiving so I can breathe for a few days…

  • The big news story from the past couple weeks has been the death of Steve Jobs last Wednesday from pancreatic cancer :( The good folks over at MacRumors have this comprehensive entry of news and reflections. I found out via a Drudge Report app alert (on my long-sought iPhone) in the middle of a reception I was attending, followed by a flurry of text messages from QuietStorm, 雅雅, and several classmates asking how I was dealing with the news.2 Steve’s been my role model for over a decade, and the combination of his own talents and his gathering other talented people around him at Apple has definitely enriched my life (and helped me get assignments done on time). Though a good many of us suspected he didn’t have much longer following his resignation as Apple CEO last month, the news still sucks. My heart goes out to his wife and kids :heart:
  • On a less depressing note, Wednesday was a whirlwind day in general — starting with me dropping off Samson for his last round of heartworm shots! :D He had to stay overnight at the Durham APS for two separate injections, but after another few weeks of activity restrictions he should be heartworm free and able to resume life as an active dog! :spin:
  • After dropping off Samson and heading to class, I then drove down to my alma mater for a videotaped interview with staff from N.C. State Libraries. A couple years ago they created a page in their “Historical State” archive chronicling former Student Body Presidents… and at some point expanded it to this Student Leaders page where they’re including folks like me too :surprised:  So they had about two-dozen questions on stuff that happened in Student Government when I was around back in 2006-2009, covering stuff like my role as a Senator when I wrote or sponsored 49 different pieces of legislation, the extensive drama surrounding the Spring 2007 SSP election,3 my first term as Senate President when I had a less-than-cooperative relationship with the Executive Branch, and so on. Makes me glad I did a decent job as SSP, otherwise my incompetence would be enshrined for all eternity :beatup:
  • Right after the NCSU interview I went out west to a reception for incoming UNC-system President Tom Ross, held at the Joint School of Nanoscience & Nanoengineering shared by UNC Greensboro and NC A&T State. I’d been to receptions before back when I was UNCASG President; I expected a sit-down dinner thing where you make small talk with 6-7 other education-oriented folks seated at your table, eat, and exchange pleasantries before departing. This was apparently more of a “make friends and influence people”-type thing, because the place was swarming with politicos, judges, fundraisers, and other people famous by NC standards, with no fewer than 4 different “liquor stations” where attendees could imbibe a variety of beverages.4 In general I’m not a particularly huge fan of these types of big, unstructured social events — see, e.g., my abject terror/awkwardness during the “mixer” at 1L Orientation two years ago — but I appreciated the opportunity to catch up with some folks I hadn’t seen since my term on the Board ended :D
  • Plus I got to meet Governor Easley!5 I saw him while talking to someone about the state budget and the budget cuts going on across the UNC system, and finally worked up the nerve to say hello. I tell him I’m a 3L at NCCU Law and the current SBA President… and he starts motioning other people over to come meet me instead :crack:  It easily ranks among the most surreal experiences of my life
  • My lapel pin collection, now with pins from all 17 UNC institutions! (the top 3 rows)

    …and when the event was winding down, on the shuttle back to the parking lot I had the serendipitous opportunity to meet Dr. J. Todd Roberts, the new Chancellor of the N.C. School of Science & Mathematics (North Carolina’s residential high school for high-achieving students). :D I noticed the NCSSM lapel pin on his jacket when his wife asked if  I had enjoyed the event. I replied that I had, then asked if he was “the new guy” running NCSSM.6 We exchanged introductions, and I somewhat-imperiously asked if they sold NCSSM lapel pins anywhere; it was the only institution still missing from my collection, where I had gathered lapel pins from all 16 other UNC institutions. He told me they didn’t, and he really needed his for President Ross’s inauguration the following day… but he offered it to me anyway! I basically pledged my undying loyalty to NCSSM right there on the shuttle, and sent the school a $50 donation when I got back to Durham — right after filling the one remaining gap in my collection :spin:

  • I wish I could say academics were going quite as well :( I’m currently sitting on a legitimate, bona fide “F” in Tax right now. Right alongside another “F” in Appellate Advocacy I. Fortunately both courses still have 80%+ of the grade still remaining to be earned, but the current standings highlight that I’m in deep sh*t academically. I’ve been trying to pare back my extracurricular activities to focus more on the papers and other miscellaneous stuff we have to do. It’s a deep hole to climb out, and will be taking me awhile to get there…7
  • To highlight how bad things are going, I was walking through the law clinic earlier today when Prof Tax herself called my name — in that “Go straight to the Principal’s Office young man” tone of voice that I think all teachers, from K-12 to college, have innately mastered — to make known she wasn’t happy with my sub-standard performance in her class. I pleaded my case but at the end of the day I’ve just been doing too much non-academic stuff. I promised I’d be in class on time tomorrow and work to catch up.
  • (On a somewhat-related note, I really dislike paper-based classes :mad: My colleagues gravitate toward them because it’s easier to get an A on a paper you can pour hours of time into — but I just can’t seem to find the time. I miss going through a couple weeks of hell studying for exams, having a test, and being done. Having four different classes with various papers due at various points over the semester currently qualifies as the most grating experience of my law school career…)
  • Even so, I’m still trying to write a brief to apply for our Moot Court Board8 :beatup:

There’s more stuff to write about, but I think I’ll cap it for this particular entry because I really need to get back to reading for class.

I hope all of you had a great Monday, and have a great week! (and a great October! ;) )

  1. And the only reason I noticed was because the 1Ls were panicking about midterms. []
  2. And yes, I’ll confess I cried a little when I got home :beatup: []
  3. For more details see Technician’s SSP Timeline 1 and SSP Timeline 2, along with the FIRE Act. []
  4. I stuck with the lemonade since I was driving :) []
  5. And yes, I was/am still excited even if he was/is our first governor to plead to a felony — he’s still a graduate of NCCU Law, the namesake for our 2L Opening Statement competition, and was both a superlative District Attorney and the twice-elected Governor of the 10th most-populous state in the nation. Bill Clinton was the first President impeached since Nixon, but I’d still be honored to shake the guy’s hand :P []
  6. When I was UNCASG President I had worked with NCSSM’s former Chancellor Gerald Boarman, who left to work in Maryland soon after my term ended. []
  7. Note to 1Ls/2Ls: DON’T REPEAT MY MISTAKES. #kkthxu []
  8. Just trying to see if I’m competent enough to do appellate work, that’s all! :angel: []

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Oct 12, 2011 at 2:54 PM

I had to split this entry up and read a couple sections throughout the morning, after my Property midterm with Bynum. (Forgot to change my font-size from default 11 to 12, but it seemed to print out the same size as everyone else’s exams, so hopefully it wont count against me as the directions threaten.)

Do you have 2 NinerNation pins or am I looking at the bottom right pin wrong?

I cannot believe you’re trying out for Moot Court in addition to the overwhelming schedule of activities you already have. Sir, you’ve gone beyond impressing me at this point, and now I just sit here with my jaw hanging open. I don’t know how accurate the following statement is, but: pretty sure a couple low grades as a 3L wont hold you back from decent employment, especially considering your extensive resume, and general charisma. But don’t slack off in climbing up outta that hole, either.

Oct 12, 2011 at 8:46 PM

You’re correct ma’am — the top one is the “official” UNCC lapel pin, and the bottom one is a special pin they created when they were working to secure BOG approval for the football team :)

And the MCB tryout isn’t official yet; the way classes are going I might have to give up on that dream :beatup: My fingers are crossed that everything will work itself out though.

Aside from the font issue, how do you think you did on your exam? :D

Oct 12, 2011 at 9:52 PM

With Property, I’m pretty sure I performed within the B range, though we’ll see what happens. Tomorrow will be a beast with Wright’s K midterm. (Have you had her for anything?)

Glenna, Justin, and I got so delirious while studying tonight that we kept making ridiculous K simile scenarios. Justin said, “Forget Contracts as a gorgeous tease or emotionally abusive boyfriend. Contracts is the girl at the club who I knew I shouldn’t have hooked up with, but was too drunk to really care, and got an STD that wont let me forget her.” I countered by comparing this whole relationship to getting Rick-Rolled: K is never gonna give us up, never gonna let us down, never gonna run around and desert us. And then he said, “This exam is like…I’m riding into battle horseback, prepared to joust, but I get there and they drop a nuclear bomb on me.”

We kept cracking jokes and finally realized we weren’t getting anywhere at that point and we all three threw in the towel for the night. The problem is that we’ve reached the conclusion that we either know it by now or we don’t. However, we know how to amend our study habits from here out. I need to start doing a practice essay, 1 subject per day, or at least get the essay skeletons memorized. I’m bout to Netflix an episode of “Raising the Bar” before bed. At least the midterm isn’t until 12:30 tomorrow.

I CANNOT wait until CrimLaw.

How are you fairing, from an emotional standpoint, with all this craziness? Are you able to get enough sleep? Eating proper meals? (Only ask bc I’ve found myself wolfing down a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch all too often this semester and calling it “dinner” though I LOVE to cook. Just negative time to do so.)

Oct 13, 2011 at 12:27 PM

Your schedule makes me want to have a panic attack. And no, I don’t think you understand the concept of eating/sleeping. You are NOT failing App. Ad. No one has a grade in the class yet. And I am quite confident you can bang one out that’ll be outstanding! And I quite support Molly in the ‘you’ll get a job no matter your grades’ department.

Now, please go get some school work done… :)

~MUCH HUGS!!!!!!

Oct 14, 2011 at 12:21 PM

While I think you’ll probably get a job, I also think that most employers want to know that you know how to prioritize and have good judgment. And while they value extracurriculars, the point of going to school is kind of the school part of it… So suck it up and get to class, T Dot! (I actually was not big on class attendance in law school, but if you’ve got a professor tracking you down…)

Oct 22, 2011 at 6:42 PM

Duly noted Va. — I’ve scaled back on the SBA and blog end trying to at least make some headway on catching up, and have successfully made it to Sales every day of the week for the first time this semester :beatup:

@Dee: Thank you ma’am :) I hope you’re right re AppAd — those Statements of Facts never got turned in, for either the State or the Defense…

@Molly: “Eating proper meals?” What manner of craziness is this you speak of? I haven’t eaten proper meals since I was a 1L ;) (see )

Oct 26, 2011 at 11:11 PM

Bahahahaha! I just saw this. (Dya know how to set it up so I’ll see when you reply? Or is that not possible? Livejournal has a function where you can click “Reply” to my individual comment and then I’ll receive an email notification. I don’t see that here.)

I actually LOLed IRL when I looked at how your breakfasts gradually deteriorated in nutritional value. I’ve had a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch since the first day of class, just about every morning, and for the past week, Jourdan and I have popped in at Starbucks on 55 around 7:40. So I can’t really tell when my diet has fallen to the wayside by looking at breakfast. Instead, I’ve noticed my tendency to forget to eat all afternoon (or munch constantly while reading/briefing/etc.) so by dinner time I’m famished and can’t put down the books long enough to cook, so I resort to yet another bowl of cinnamon toast crunch. My lunch today (thanks to that bakesale) consisted of a cupcake, a small baggie of Halloween trailmix, and a strawberry smoothie. Wow. I need to re-prioritize my life asap or I’m gonna be a whale all over again VERY quickly. (I usedta be 110 lbs heavier than I am at present.)

Oct 27, 2011 at 3:39 PM

Wow seriously? :surprised: You’re teeny now, can’t imagine you 2x your size

And I’ve just now added a WordPress plugin that *should* let you subscribe to posts — I’ve never used it before, so let me know whether or not it works :)

Oct 29, 2011 at 11:09 PM

Ooo! Okay, testing one two…

Also, thanks. Next time I catch ya on campus, I’ll show ya the before/midway pix. I’ve gotta get my rear in gear toning up, mostly to avoid the winter blues.

Oct 30, 2011 at 11:31 PM

Yeah I inflate like a balloon during the Thanksgiving-Christmas window :beatup:

Nov 1, 2011 at 9:29 AM

Sweet! It worked! Yeah, I also inflate like a balloon. I pretend like it’s evolutionary and that my ancestors used to hibernate “back in the day” so I don’t feel guilty overindulging. I feel bad spamming your comments, but at least now we’ve worked out the comment subscription thing.

Nov 1, 2011 at 10:19 AM

It’s all good, I like getting comments — esp when I haven’t posted an entry in two weeks :crack: I’ve got several in draft that are now so old they’ve gotta be consolidated into another “this is what’s happened the past two weeks” entry… :beatup:

Nov 4, 2011 at 3:17 PM <– reading it now

Jourdan and I discovered the bbGym at our apartment complex about an hour ago. So excited to get started again. Hopefully post-workout highs will help me focus on practice essay writing and what-not for school.

Nov 6, 2011 at 9:10 PM

Wow, Spring 2007 and the whole election is something I’d like to forget. I hope nobody mentioned my confirmation hearing or the nervous breakdown right after you told me about my non-confirmation…Still, I think it’s pretty cool that we made history during all that crazy time and you the much more for carrying on that history into positive reform. Hope your grades get better, you can’t flunk out now!

Nov 7, 2011 at 8:38 AM

Haha no mention of the confirmation issues :) It all turned out for the best — had you been confirmed, you’d have been irreparably tied to the Executive Branch’s failures instead of being roped in with us competent folks ;)

And I agree and co-sign 110% about the whole making history thing, it still blows my mind to think of how much we did in such a short time :spin:


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