Back in a week or so

Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Sep 7, 2011 in The 3L Life

Hey folks! :)

law:/dev/null will be sporadically offline over the next week starting tonight, and updates will be queued up in the meantime instead of posted nightly — I’m making a number of behind-the-scenes tweaks to the WordPress install and the layout template I’ve been using,1 archiving server data for this site and others I’m hosting on the same machine, and grabbing some of my content from Facebook (“T. Greg’s Tomes”) that I’ll be trying to HTML-ify for archiving here on the blog.2 And somewhere along the way I need to keep up on law school reading and related events :beatup:

Apologies in advance for the disappearance, and keep an eye out for us mid-week next week!

  1. The layout in particular was never really intended for what I’ve been using it for; if I can get a spare weekend to work on some graphic design stuff, don’t be surprised to see a total layout switch some time in the near-term future if I can’t optimize some of this CSS. []
  2. Since FB can’t keep their @#$%ing layout consistent for more than a month at a time… :mad: []

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