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Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Aug 3, 2011 in The 3L Life | Subscribe

Hey y’all! :D

At this point you’re probably accustomed to it, but I’m sorry for yet another extended absence — this past 1.5 weeks has been crazy!

Some of it was of the less-than-pleasant variety,1 but the vast majority of it has been downright serendipitous: went to Greensboro for a friend’s birthday two Saturdays ago,2 had an awesome week at the internship last week,3 randomly came home after work on Monday instead of going straight to class,4 went to the Durham APS to see if they had any boxers to adopt,5 the list goes on.

The main reason for this post though is that I’m currently a few thousand feet above the air en route to Toronto, where the American Bar Association is having their 2011 Annual Meeting6 :D

It took a little longer than planned to get here7 but I’m totally thankful for the opportunity to meet law students, lawyers, and other law-related professionals from around the country!

And it’s also my first time traveling abroad since I was a teenager.8 I’m going to finally get my very first stamp in my very first passport :D

I’ll have more to write over the next few days, but first I have to knock out a paper for my Civil Rights class that’s due tomorrow  :oops:

If you’re a reader or blogger and will be in Toronto, send me an email (address at the bottom of our About page) or contact me on Twitter!

  1. The server hosting law:/dev/null had a mini-meltdown last week, so we lost some data that was only partially restored from backup :mad: []
  2. Where I somehow ran into another friend, in the same restaurant on the same day at the same time… who lives in Durham like me :crack: []
  3. Including a day-long series of meetings on a project I’ve been working on all summer :D []
  4. Where I pulled into the parking lot of my apartment at the same time as an incoming 1L at NCCU Law, moving into my same apartment building :surprised: []
  5. I adopted an adorable beagle named Samson — more about him soon! :spin: []
  6. I’ll refrain from commenting on the political wisdom of a group responsible for lobbying in Washington (and which only represents United States attorneys) deciding to have thousands of free-spending attorneys gather in a foreign country during a bad economy… []
  7. The plane departing from our layover in JFK was boarded, then de-boarded when unspecified “mechanical problems” were discovered mere moments before takeoff, then got re-boarded only to go through nausea-inducing turbulence en route :sick: []
  8. A loooooong time ago. To highlight, the trip was to Mexico and passports weren’t even required; all you need was an ID and a birth certificate… :beatup: []

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