Most expensive. semester. evah.

Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Aug 20, 2011 in The 3L Life | Subscribe

Hey everybody :)

Unlike my past disappearances, I actually intentionally left law:/dev/null un-updated the past few days so the new folks could find outlines without a problem.1

Which is probably a good thing because otherwise I would have spent the past 4 days complaining about how f*cking expensive my penultimate semester of law school is getting :mad:

Now some of this stuff I knew was coming even back when I was a 1L, like the $2,667 I still owe BarBri for my bar review. And some of it I didn’t know about my 1L year (like the MPRE) but the cost isn’t that significant ($63).

The rest may just be my own ignorance, but $700 just to submit an application to the North Carolina Board of Law Examiners??  :surprised:  And textbooks!

I’ve already spent $729 on books this semester — more than I’ve ever spent at any point in the 24 separate semesters I’ve been buying them2and I’m not even done yet! :crack:  The bookstore is still missing the casebook for my Employment Discrimination class, and the statutory supplement for my Tax class :(

I’ll be a hair’s breadth under $1,000.00 (just on textbooks) by the time 3L Fall is over…

Then there’s the $310 tuition increase requested back in December by NCCU (not the law school), approved by the UNC Board of Governors in February, and then skimmed off the top by NCCU (not the law school) as part of a 14% budget reduction handed to the law school a couple weeks ago.3 And of course the unexpected costs of getting old, like (in the case of my car) spending half a grand to fix something in the engine block earlier this week or (in the case of me) dropping just-under-a-grand to get a cap put on one of my molars last week :beatup:

Sorry for venting y’all, the past couple days with these textbooks have just crystallized my general frustration with being a broke law student and watching everything I saved up over the summer vanish paying for unexpected expenses. I’ve got no earthly clue how I’m going to get everything paid for by the time I’ve got to pay it, but I’m ready to graduate, pass the bar, get my license, and start making real money.

Hope all of you are having a less-expensive start to your school years! Have a great night! :D

  1. If you’re a 1L, copy and paste and if you’re a 2L/3L copy and paste — send me an email if you have any trouble! []
  2. 6 years of undergrad, 2.5 years of law school, and 7 sets of summer sessions between them. []
  3. Which, coincidentally, is the exact same percent as the 14% budget cut the UNC BOG gave NCCU as a whole. Looks conspicuously like an “across-the-board” cut by NCCU despite the BOG’s explicit instructions not to engage in across-the-board cuts… []

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Aug 21, 2011 at 1:31 PM

Sadly, there are bar exam study loans. If you can, be sure to save some money for a possible period of unemployment while studying for the bar and waiting for bar results. Also, if you haven’t taken the max student loans from NCCU, see if you can next semester. Sometimes cash (even at the insane student loan interest rates) is just more valuable if the alternative is putting it on a credit card.

Aug 23, 2011 at 8:48 AM

Yyyyeeeaaahhh it’s looking like I’ll have to go that route. I was hoping to avoid it :beatup:

But at least I’ll make $160,000+ a year to pay it back, right? ;)

Sep 14, 2011 at 12:25 PM

Be warned – if you want to take the essay portion of the NC bar exam on your computer, there is an additional fee (IIRC, $150?) on top of the $700.00 application fee. Between that, BarBri, and the amount of money you’ll be dropping at your local coffee shop (I couldn’t study at home – I’d find every excuse in the book not to study!), the next 12 months are going to be pricey.

Worth it, though!

Sep 20, 2011 at 10:42 PM

Please tell me you’re joking… :cry:

They seriously charge *more* money for the more-efficient test-taking option?? O_o


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