Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Aug 22, 2011 in Fail

Right as I was about to scrawl down an entry about how excited I was for the first day of 3L year and how awesome today went, life decided to throw some lulz my way  :beatup:

From the “be-happy-with-the-blessings-in-your-life-instead-of-complaining-about-minor-annoyances-on-teh-intarwebz” file, we have this:

This is the kind of sh*t that makes less-mentally-stable people think the CIA is out to get them...

Yes, ladies and gentlemen: that’s a flat tire.

And not just any flat tire, mind you, but the exact same now-flat tire I just fixed barely a month ago :mad:

I got my car in 2002, and can recall only 2 flat tires before moving to Durham (and both were the result of the car getting hit).

But since starting at NCCU Law in August 2009, I’ve now had 3 “nailed” tires in 2 years — the first at the intersection a couple blocks from my apartment complex en route to our 1L Mary Wright Closing Argument competition, the second one last month at the intersection at my apartment complex, and now this one earlier tonight in the parking lot at NCCU.1

My car evidently thinks nails in the street are a grave safety hazard, and so it’s determined to roll over every single one it can in the name of preserving public health…

At least I’m slowly approaching my lifetime goal of reaching NASCAR-esque speeds in how quickly I can change a flat tire? :beatup:

  1. Where the gym and the Criminal Justice Building are both being repaired, which presumably has resulted in nails getting littered around… []

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