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Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Aug 8, 2011 in The 3L Life

Have to keep tonight’s entry über-short, as I’ll be working through the wee hours of the night to prepare my apartment for Samson’s arrival tomorrow afternoon1 :D

My new family member, a 7yo beagle named Samson :heart:Â

“Prepare,” of course, being different from “beagle-proof” — I’ve become acutely aware in the past 24 hours that even my more-spartan-than-most-normal-people living preferences still leave entirely too many objects within reach of a beagle capable of stretching out to 4ish feet when he wants something :beatup:

All supplies have been bought, except the toys he’ll pick out himself.

Got dog food in bulk so it’ll last until 2013.

Set to pick him up at 10:30am, then have an appointment with the groomer scheduled right after so he can get cleaned up from 4 months of living in a dog shelter. A trip to the vet is set after that so he can get a thorough going-over to ensure that, heartworms aside, he’s otherwise in good health.

And most of the ingestible and/or destructible stuff in dog reach has been removed already or will be gone shortly.2

Even though I’ve got a sterling past record as a caretaker, I still get a smidge terrified at how this is all going to turn out… :crack:

Pictures and the background on his adoption hopefully coming tomorrow night :)  Have a good night y’all!

  1. Notice there’s no reference to that Civil Rights paper, which still isn’t done :beatup: []
  2. Anyone want a desk from Target for $5? How about a rolling+cushioned office chair for $5? ;) []

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