Law School Roundup #250

Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Feb 13, 2011 in Law School Roundup

Be honest: how many of y’all thought you’d never see one of these from me again? :beatup:

My TYLA trial team competition is this coming Friday-Sunday, so after this week hopefully I’ll be able to reclaim my life, catch up on class, and resume blogging with something vaguely resembling a degree of regularity :D

Unless we somehow make it to nationals, in which case I’d be MIA until April :surprised:

Fortunately for me (and all of us) the blawgosphere has been steadily percolating in my absence ;) Here’s some of what was going on during the week of February 6th through February 13th, 2011:

  • Taking a break: Shan decides she needs a break from classes [Like Falling Off a Blawg]
  • Enjoying life: JE focuses on making the present count [The JE Guide to Life]
  • Better than books: Ryan finds a more useful investment of his $$$ [3Life]
  • Worse than books: Law School Dreamer features a post on the law school tuition bubble [A Paralegal’s Journey to Lawyerhood]
  • Sticking with books: Jansen concludes he’s not busy enough for e-ink [Dennis Jansen]
  • Litigation-less: Steve is disappointed at a last-minute settlement [Law School: What’s the Big Deal?]
  • Consent-less?: Laura and some readers in an engaging debate on affirmative consent laws [Really? Law?]
  • Writing (for grades): Ivy Lea is spending her 3L year writing, writing, writing [Ivy Lea(gue)]
  • Writing (for fun): Jacklyn gets an offer to join her law school’s blog [JayeWalking]
  • Never Give Up: Jenny shares some wisdom from an elementary school during “Family Fun Day” [Surviving Law School as a Single Mom]
  • The media and the law: Sherpa is back, wondering if he’s naive or if the media just screws up every time they talk about the law [Fight the Hypo]
  • The law in the media: Mariel starts to second-guess her love of Jack McCoy [Fresh Thought Soup]
  • Perception vs. Perception: Competing views on lawyer biographies [Law is Cool]
  • Courtoons is back!: Even though I’m just now noticing this 2 weeks after the fact, and it’s not even a law student site, I wanted to make sure everyone knew Courtoons was back [Courtoons]

If you want to be included in the Roundup, basically you have to (i) be a law student, (ii) write new content during the week of the review, and (iii) Katie Luper and I have to know you exist ;)

You’ve already got #3 in that list covered if you’re in my blogroll to the right — and if you’re not, just send me an email (see the bottom of my About page for the address) or add law:/dev/null to your own blogroll so you show up in my logs.

For some info on how it gets done, read through Evan Schaeffer’s 2006 entry on how he did it; I use it for guidance alongside the obligatory dose of editorial discretion.

And make sure to check back over at KatieLuper.com for Roundup #251! :D


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