Law School Roundup #248

Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Jan 2, 2011 in Law School Roundup | Subscribe

Good evening y’all! :D

I think Katie‘s gotten super-busy with BarBri bar review, so this weekend’s Law School Roundup is actually a double dose covering the past two weeks :)

Here’s a non-exclusive handful of posts from law students around the web for the weeks of December 19-25 and December 26-January 1:

  • Help Wanted: lawschooldreamer wants your suggestions for blog topics in 2011 [A Paralegal’s Journey to Lawyerhood]
  • Help Provided: Jess brings a guest blogger for those of you making weight loss Resolutions for the New Year [Crafting Happiness]
  • More Help Provided: Jeremy also has a guest blogger on finding a job in a bad economy [Jeremy C. Wilson]
  • She’s Baaaaack: Jacklyn is back again [JayeWalking]
  • She’s Baaaaack: the Remix: Mariel’s back too… twice this time [Fresh Thought Soup]
  • Exams in Review: Ivy Lea takes a look back on 3L Fall finals [Ivy Lea(gue)]
  • Semester in Review: Jansen highlights the highlights of his 3L Fall semester [Dennis Jansen]
  • Year in Review: C explains why 2010 was the best year ever [Legal Ease]
  • Year in Review #2: KK reflects on 2010 and concludes it’s similarly awesome [oh hay, it’s kk]

If you want to be included in the Roundup, basically you have to (i) be a law student, (ii) write new content during the week of the review, and (iii) Katie and I have to know you exist ;)

You’ve already got #3 in that list covered if you’re in my blogroll to the right — and if you’re not, just send me an email (see the bottom of my About page for the address) or add law:/dev/null to your own blogroll so you show up in my logs.

For some info on how it gets done, read through Evan Schaeffer’s 2006 entry on how he did it; I use it for guidance alongside the obligatory dose of editorial discretion.

And make sure to check back over at next week for Roundup #249! :D


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