Anyone heard of LSI or TFAS?

Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Nov 2, 2010 in The 2L Life

Good evening y’all! :)

I’ve had this backlog of entries I’m working on, but concluded earlier today they’re never going to get posted. Sorry :beatup:

Time has just been in short supply here lately. Back on Friday I helped judge the tryouts for the 1L Trial Team,1 Saturday was a rough day emotionally,2 Sunday was Halloween, Monday had class all day, today was class and Election Day,3 tomorrow’s got a dentist appointment then class then a guest speaker at NCCU Law, Thursday’s got a motion in limine due in the morning and a philanthropy dinner with EIC in the evening, then at some point Friday I might conceivably be able to get everything knocked out… at which point I’d probably be a few entries behind again.

So I decided rather than work on the backlog, I’d just let it all slide and try to get back into a one-post-per-day habit again for more than a week at a time ;)

On that note: have any of you ever heard of the Legal Studies Institute or The Fund for American Studies?

One of my professors forwarded me an email yesterday to check it out, and even offered to “nominate” me for the program (whatever that entails). But as I’m looking through their website all I see is me having to pay $$$ — something I’m not interested in doing, and don’t have the finances to do even if I was. I’ve also tried poking around Google for more information but have yet to find any comments or testimonials or anything from actual attendees that isn’t also sponsored by LSI/TFAS themselves.

Any of y’all have any insights or thoughts? Would this program be worth my time (and potential expense), or should I stick to finding an internship in one of the DA’s offices around here?

Comments are appreciated :)  Thanks in advance, and have a great night! :D

  1. I was impressed with the 1Ls, but some of the tackiness on display by a few judges really killed my interest in doing 2L/3L trial team myself ::sigh:: []
  2. Featuring a less-than-cheerful convo with é›…é›… []
  3. Looks like Republicans will be taking over both chambers of the state legislature for the first time since the late-19th century :surprised: []

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