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Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Oct 5, 2010 in Student Government | Subscribe

I’ve been a big fan of my colleagues in the NCCU Law Student Bar Association since we took office in April, and (surprisingly) we all still get along exceptionally well. Aside from one minor pseudo-controversy in May I can’t recall a single time where we’ve butted heads or couldn’t reach a consensus on something.

It’s definitely a fun experience.

But as much as I enjoy the warm fuzzy feelings, I’m a bigger fan of cold hard data — and earlier tonight we got confirmation this year’s SBA is pretty awesome, raising over $4,400+ for the first quarter of our fiscal year :D

That’s not only a 53.6% spike over the year-ago quarter, but a spike that came despite a shrinking student body due to funding cuts by the North Carolina General Assembly.

And based on the records I’ve been given, I’m pretty sure it’s an all-time record for us1 :spin:

We’ve still got three quarters to go of course, but things are turning out pretty well so far — and that’s $4K more we’re now able to give out in student organization appropriations that don’t have to come from student fees ;)

Hope all of you had a great day too, and have a good night! :)

  1. The title of this post is from a November 2009 UNCASG meeting in response to the 38-year attendance record we set then, after setting all-time records for several other metrics since I had taken office in July 2008. Then-SBP Jasmin Jones of UNC Chapel Hill exclaimed “We’re always record-breaking at something!”… and it has since turned into a dismissive gag response any time I talk about setting a record at anything. :beatup: []

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Oct 6, 2010 at 8:11 PM

congrats! :D


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