It’s that time of year again

Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Oct 10, 2010 in The 2L Life

Good evening folks! :)

Don’t have time to write anything substantive tonight because I spent longer than expected trying to get caught up in the reading for ConLaw. It’s midterms time again at the N.C. Central University School of Law, meaning any 2Ls enrolled in ConLaw or Business Associations are frantically trying to get caught up on readings and refining outlines and such.

Myself included :beatup:

Personally I’m just glad I’m not a 1L anymore, having to go through the gauntlet they’ve got coming up. At some point this week I’ll hopefully post some midterm-related info for those 1L colleagues, along with a general rundown of my semester so far in the classes where I don’t have midterms.

Given the recent proliferation of the “In Case You Missed It” posts though, consider yourself forewarned now that I have no clue when those entries will actually get posted ;)

Until then, have a great night!

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