What am I going to do…

Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Oct 9, 2010 in The 2L Life

…when I no longer have my free1 “all you can eat” access to WestLaw and Lexis-Nexis?

Even though I’m not the world’s biggest fan of writing legal memos, I still get a kick out of combing through the case law of different jurisdictions when I’m doing legal research (something I picked up during 1L year).

Random example: I learned Missouri is apparently one of only a few states that don’t have stated rules of evidence for criminal proceedings :surprised:

Any post-Ls out there have advice on coping with freely-available-research withdrawal? :beatup:

  1. And yes, I realize my tuition $$ in part pays for this access and it’s not really “free.” This is a blog, not a statute; literalist readings of every word aren’t always appropriate. :* []

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