No, I’m not dead. But thanks for asking :)

Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Sep 24, 2010 in Randomness | Subscribe

Hey y’all! :)

Earlier today I got a message in my Facebook inbox from a reader wondering if I’d met an untimely demise, given the week-long absence of anything here at law:/dev/null.

Rest assured I’m still alive and kicking, my immune system and I have just been working overtime to fight off some seasonal unpleasantness that hit me right around the same time last year.1 Treatment has included getting a full 8+ hours of sleep a night, but since my classes haven’t gotten pushed back that means going to bed earlier at night — which is typically when I’m writing the day’s entry here :beatup:

I’ve got a sextet of posts on my desktop that I’ll hopefully get posted today. I can’t guarantee they’ll be any good, of course, but it’ll (hopefully) be better than a week-old post of me complaining about campus media ;)

Thanks for checking up on me, and have a great day!2 :D

  1. Right before/during 1L midterms :( []
  2. And on a more-festive side note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Co-Counsel! :spin: []

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Oct 2, 2010 at 5:45 PM

I think you *are* dead.


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