Karaoke can cure cancer

Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Sep 11, 2010 in Student Government

OK not really. But coupled with a few drinks it makes a good remedy for a rough week :beatup:

Sorry for not having a post up yesterday y’all, I was at our local sports bar with NCCU Law‘s SBA President and Secretary enjoying some spirits and listening to comedically bad karaoke sang by random people I’ll probably never see again.

I’m not really the bar-hopping type, but after yesterday I just needed a drink. The SBA spent 8.5 hours slogging through our annual appropriations process, interviewing 30 different groups and then deciding group-by-group how much funding to allocate to their events… and when we finally got kicked out of the school by the security staff so they could lock up at midnight, we were still $26K apart between what we wanted to allocate and our available resources :beatup:

The whole process just really hasn’t gone as smoothly as I expected it would. It was a huge pain in the @$$ trying to condense all the various rules and regulations into an easy-to-read information packet. And I already told y’all about how I blanked out during the workshop. Then a non-trivial number of the requests we received were missing key information, either because folks didn’t read the packet or didn’t listen during the workshop. :mad:

And just to put some icing on the cake, we discovered as we delved through the SBA’s financial records that our predecessors went dramatically over-budget and left us with $26,945.07 less to distribute this year — fully a quarter of our annual appropriations budget :crack:

I’m not feeling self-pity so much as self-disappointment at how I’ve handled things. For example, back when I was running for this office folks complained they didn’t have enough time to present their requests last year, so this time around I pushed our Executive Board to go with 10-minute interviews (5 minutes to present, 3 for Q&A, and a 2-minute buffer). Had I opted for 8-minute interviews instead, that would have shaved an hour off the interview time that could have been devoted to deliberating… meaning we might have potentially finished instead of having to reconvene on Sunday to wrap up. :beatup:

But after a few whiskey sours and a lot of laughs, I’m back on top of the world :) Trying to get caught up on a schoolwork, then heading back in tomorrow for this last appropriations meeting — and making sure to take lots of notes to hand off to my successor ;)

That’s it from me for tonight y’all — I hope all of you have an amazing weekend! :D

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