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Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Sep 8, 2010 in Randomness

Hey y’all :)

I’ve actually got a TDot’s Tips entry ready to go that I was planning on posting tonight, but a couple hours ago one of my friends on Twitter tweeted about a portion of a Facebook note I had written what feels like an eternity ago.1 So I figured since many of y’all have been reading my (crazed) musings for quite awhile now, you deserve a copy/paste of the original note to help shed some light on the man behind the laptop ;)

And even if you didn’t, I’ve got classes starting at 8:30am tomorrow so I need to finish studying and go to bed :beatup:

You can read the original note (and ensuing comments) on Facebook here. Here’s the copy/paste, with footnotes added for the few items that have changed since starting law school:

ok I give up! — 25 things about TGD
by T Greg Doucette on Saturday, June 20, 2009 at 3:57pm

Back in late January, a friend of mine at UNC Pembroke tagged me in a note posting 25 random items about her and asking the folks tagged in the note to do the same — in what turned out to be the first salvo in the latest wave of Facebook “chain notes.” A couple dozen tags later, I still hadn’t written one myself mostly out of (i) laziness and (ii) hoping I would outlast the fad.

Despite the nagging inbox messages and IMs and texts, eventually folks stopped writing the notes in favor of whatever new thing was going around. And there was no note from El TGD. Victory was mine.

Then I guess people felt bad for not responding months ago, b/c the summer rolled around and they started sprouting up again. And again. And again. So after being tagged another couple times, I’m finally throwing in the towel, taking a break from work, and posting my own note so I can assuage my guilty conscience. I even went back and tagged all the people who tagged me originally — and threw in a few extra folks just to subject them to the same shame for not writing a note of their own when they got tagged months ago :P

Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you. I may have tagged you even if you’ve posted 25 random things already. In this case I just tagged you because I love you!

[TGD’s edit: I didn’t write the rules, I just copy/pasted them :P ]


1) The “T” stands for “The” (or “Thomas”, depending on who’s asking).

2) Before anyone ever used the phrase “larger-than-life ego” to describe Barack Obama, they were using it to describe me.

3) Loyalty is more important than competence. And I passionately despise incompetence. So you can imagine what I think of disloyalty :)

4) I also have issues with people who i) complain all the time, ii) always need to be taken care of, iii) are unreliable or iv) only contact you when they need/want something.

5) I am a firm believer in a benevolent and almighty God, although I generally keep my faith to myself and usually avoid theological conversations.

6) I didn’t have an alcoholic beverage until I was 25. And I still never touch the stuff in the presence of my grandparents.

7) My greatest contribution as a lobbyist was figuring out how to explain why I don’t smoke (one of our clients was the Cigar Association of America). Remind me to tell you some time if you haven’t heard it already.

8) My eyes are really, really sensitive to light. That’s why I usually keep my office fairly dark and always wear sunglasses outside. It’s also apparently earned me the nickname “The Vampire” among certain denizens of Witherspoon Student Center2 :P

9) It takes a *lot* to get me angry. And on the rare occasions it happens, I’m usually perfectly fine after a decent night’s sleep.

10) In tandem with #9, it kills me to upset people (intentionally or otherwise). Except when it relates to #3 or #4 ;)

11) I’ve learned more in the past 4 years at NC State than in the 7 years before it combined — and more in the past 11 years being in North Carolina than the previous 17 combined.

12) I was raised in Virginia Beach, but never really appreciated the ocean until I moved to Raleigh. As much as I love oak trees, I prefer the coast.

13) Women are my kryptonite. Of all the dumb things I’ve done in my life, the majority were done for a girl.

14) At some point about two years ago I was looking back on the path I took to come back to NCSU… and stopped worrying about failure. It’s a transformative and profoundly empowering realization, even though it also helped torpedo my GPA.

15) Despite #14 I’m still excessively competitive, especially when it comes to basketball, video games, and politics :)

16) There are only 2 decisions I’ve made in my life that I can genuinely say I regret. Few people know either of them. No one knows them both.

17) Once upon a time I was the youngest elected Vice Chairman in the history of the Wake County GOP… and have since been convinced that most of the “party leaders” in North Carolina are utter fruitcakes. Now I generally prefer local Democrats and national Republicans (except for those dumbasses in the House who equated themselves with Iranian protesters).

18) I’m a pretty good cook (breakfast is my specialty), and I’m very protective of my kitchen. But I’m also not terribly adventurous with food — the most exotic thing I’ve tried was alligator, and I wasn’t impressed.3

19) I’ve taken tap, jazz, and ballet classes, sang in chorus, and acted in theatre (and even a movie). And contrary to popular belief, none of it was to meet girls.

20) I’m open to pretty much any kind of music, but my iTunes library is overwhelmingly R&B, rap, and classical.

21) When I first came to NCSU, I couldn’t afford a computer. Looking back, I don’t know how I was able to pass my classes without one.

22) As much as I complain about being stressed, I’m a Type A workaholic and haven’t taken a bona fide vacation in years.4 And forcing me to turn off my BlackBerry for more than an hour is almost as painful as waterboarding…

23) Surprisingly, I enjoy being a teacher and mentor. I have no idea where life is going to take me, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that ended up being my career after law school and the USMC.5

24) The most rewarding experience I’ve had in my life so far has been serving in Student Government at NCSU and in the UNC Association of Student Governments. I’ve met dozens of amazing people, worked with some of the best student leaders this state has ever seen, and learned more than I thought was possible — all while helping to improve people’s lives and having more than my fair share of fun :)

25) I am a hopeless romantic, an incurable idealist, and an unapologetic believer in American exceptionalism and the God-given rights of man. I bleed Wolfpack red. I’m allergic to bullshit. I hate cold weather. And I’m done with this note :*

Law stuff tomorrow :) Have a great night everybody!! :D

  1. Feels like eternity even though it was only 1.25 years ago :beatup:  It’s slightly disturbing how much 1L year has permanently warped my perception of time… []
  2. This is the building where the NC State Student Government is located, for my non-NC readers :) []
  3. Unsurprisingly, this is still true :beatup: []
  4. Officially outdated as of this past Independence Day weekend! :spin:   []
  5. Or just “after law school” in light of my cardiovascular shortcomings… []

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