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Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Sep 7, 2010 in The 2L Life

Good evening everybody! :D

Earlier today the Student Bar Association at NCCU Law conducted the elections for the 1L class officers. Now before the election, the Class of 2013 (2014 for the night program) had already surprised us during Orientation with their (feigned?) attentiveness during the 2L/3L panel. And they surprised us again by having multiple candidates for every single SBA office.1 The surprises kept coming during the 1.5-week-long election cycle, when several candidates teamed up to form actual slates and campaigned as a team.

So today was Election Day, and I guess they decided to throw one more surprise into the mix: voter turnout was 69.14% :eek:

None of us on the SBA can definitively say that’s an all-time record, but only because our historical records on voter turnout are rather… mmm… shall we say “sparse.” We’re fairly confident it’s an all-time record though.

For comparison purposes, the closest turnout for an election for U.S. President that I could find happened in 1960 when JFK was elected, and even then turnout was only a hair above 60%. Not trying to equate the NCCU Law Class of 2013 presidency with the US presidency of course, but merely offering some “food for thought” on civic activism ;)

Congratulations to the folks who won! The SBA officers are looking forward to working with all of you — and personally I’m looking forward to watching what y’all do in the future! :D

  1. Usually there are a bunch of candidates for President, a few for VP, few (if any) for Secretary and Treasurer, and a variable number of folks looking to be the 1L Reps to the SBA. []

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