This isn’t becoming a habit…

Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Sep 4, 2010 in The 2L Life

…the whole “not updating the blog on a timely basis” thing. I promise. I’ve just noticed that I tend to slack on the blog on the same days I slack on the schoolwork. :beatup:

This past Tuesday, the day after the last post I managed to get online here at law:/dev/null, was spent helping to run what we called the SBA Student Stimulus Sale — a 9am-9pm event where all the NCCU Law paraphernalia sold by the Student Bar Association was discounted by 15% to raise money for student groups. The other SBA officers and I wanted to do some kind of promotional event close to when financial aid refunds went out, so folks would be more willing to part with their cash.

Let’s just say the plan was a success ;)

But that success also meant skipping all of my classes for the day1 to run the SBA’s store, prompting Co-Counsel to complain about my priorities.2 Then the next day Prof ZombieLaw wasn’t feeling well and cancelled class, meaning I got the day off. Then on Thursday most of the NCCU campus endured a day-long power outage so all those classes were cancelled too. And of course I have no classes on Fridays, then today was the first real day of the college football season :spin:

So overall I’ve barely thought about law for almost a week now, and that meant barely doing anything with the blog aside from cleaning out the spam comments :beatup:

It all comes at a price: in between games today I cleaned up the apartment a bit, so tomorrow and the Labor Day holiday can both be devoted to catching up on all the reading I’ve missed. Hopefully the academic work will remind to keep things updated here though ;)

Hope all of you had a great week last week, and have an equally great holiday weekend ahead! :D

  1. Except ConLaw :) []
  2. I put a high priority on honoring my obligations, including running the store I was elected to run during a sale I convinced the ExecBoard to hold on the day I asked them to hold it. Is that bad? :P []

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