Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Aug 25, 2010 in Fail

That’s the excuse I’m using for today: Twitter is affecting my speech patterns ;)

One of my jobs as the Treasurer of NCCU Law‘s Student Bar Association is to spearhead our appropriations process, where we distribute roughly $100K each semester to the various student organizations at the law school.

And one component of spearheading that process is running an annual “Student Leaders Meeting and Budget Workshop” attended by the President and Treasurer of each of those organizations. During my campaign I got several complaints over how the process ran last year (noted in my candidate speech), so I did a pretty extensive revamp for this one.

Expected (and publicized) duration: 90 minutes

Actual duration: 45 minutes :crack:

I was 15 minutes late due to technical problems on my end (things like the mic not working in our cavernous Great Hall) before finally deciding to just yell really loud most of the time… and yet we still somehow finished 30 minutes ahead of schedule. :surprised:

The agonizing part is that I can’t figure out if I really am just getting better at brevity, or if the more likely scenario that I forgot to mention a bunch of stuff — 45 minutes is a huge chunk of time that was supposed to be filled with something. But I couldn’t think of anything else to say :beatup:

I guess we’ll find out which of the two it was when appropriations requests start coming in? ::fingers crossed::

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