Property III, Zombie Edition (aka Decedents Estates)

Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Aug 14, 2010 in The 2L Life

My alternate title for this post? “Things I will not be doing with my law degree #2”1 :beatup:

Now folks I know it’s premature to write off a particular course before we even get to the first day of class. I know. Really. Trust me.

But if I were a gambling man,2 I’d say there are pretty good odds Decedents Estates will be the least-favorite class in my 2L Fall schedule.

I didn’t even discover the syllabus until a few minutes ago; turns out it’s one of maybe a dozen or so courses at NCCU Law that use the LexisNexis implementation of BlackBoard, as opposed to everyone else having a WestLaw TWEN page — including 100% of my 1L courses.

To give you an idea of how few courses at NCCU Law use LexisNexis’ BlackBoard, I didn’t know it even existed until a classmate told me earlier today :crack:

I’m all about faculty having the resources to teach a course in whatever manner they think will be most effective for me learning the material, but it would have been nice to have at least some kind of forewarning that I should check LexisNexis if I didn’t see my class in TWEN. So that was my first annoyance.

Then I perused the syllabus and some of the reading material for Monday, and from the looks of things it’s like PropLaw just for dead people :(   I didn’t do bad in that course last year — I got the exact same grade both semesters — but it’s just not something I was particularly interested in thinking about.

Which is my euphemism for “it was really f*cking boring” :beatup:

It’s also not exactly the most inspirational of legal topics. Back when I worked for the Wake County Clerk of Court’s Office, I was the Director of its “Division of Special Projects”3 so my office was at the edge of the suite for the Estates Division. Every day there was at least one person (often more) bawling because they recently lost a loved one and now had to deal with the government and distribution of the estate.

Not to be Pollyanna-ish about dying and all, but thinking about where my stuff is going when I croak isn’t really my thing. If you happen to think differently, more power to you — in fact I might even hire you one day to handle drafting my will. Just don’t expect me to enjoy it ;)

Until then, I’m referring to DE as ZombieLaw so I can derive some kind of amusement out of this class…

Have a great night everybody! :)

  1. #1? Mediation. []
  2. Not to insinuate anything that might adversely affect my character and fitness review :angel:   []
  3. Basically a catch-all division for stuff that didn’t fit anywhere else. For example, a good chunk of my time was spent in an ombudsman-like role investigating the (not infrequent) allegations of misconduct by Clerk’s Office staff. Since our areas of expertise didn’t involve interaction with everyday court-goers like other parts of the Courthouse, our offices were interspersed wherever there were spare rooms :beatup: []

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