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Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Aug 11, 2010 in NotFail

It was a year ago today1 — the first day of my 1L Orientation at NCCU Law — that law:/dev/null went live with this brief post welcoming any newcomers who happened to drop by.

And my gosh how much has happened in just a year! :D

Case in point: a year ago I fled the Turner Law Building as soon as Orientation was done because I felt so totally out of place2… yet this week I’ve been at the law school daily helping out (voluntarily!) with 1L Orientation, offering whatever assistance and sage tidbits of almost-but-not-quite-wisdom that I can provide :)

In keeping with my personality, some numbers to commemorate├é┬álaw:/dev/null‘s 1st birthday:

  • THEN: 1 published post — NOW: 291
  • THEN: 178 total words written — NOW: ~141,268 (where’s this inspiration when I’m working on a brief??? :crack: )
  • THEN: 1 [main] page — NOW: 4 total, including our About [TDot] page, the fellow-blawgers-inspired Disclaimer and finally instructions on Subscribing to the RSS feed :D
  • THEN: 2 categories — NOW: 20
  • THEN: 0 tags — NOW: 96
  • THEN: ~10 fellow bloggers on the blogroll — NOW: 138. If I’m missing you, send me an email to TDot [at] lawdevnull.com! :D
  • THEN: 29 new unique visitors a day, at least half of which were spambots — NOW: 170, of which only 4-6 are spambots thanks to .htaccess controls
  • THEN: 0 comments — NOW: 417 comments and 661 pingbacks (and 2,130 attempted spam posts :beatup: )
  • THEN: 0 typos I saw — NOW: “Another one? @#$%. I’ll fix it later…”

I could go on with the shameless quasi-self-promotion but you get the idea ;)

I’ve been blessed to do a lot of pretty cool stuff in my life, but getting law:/dev/null started — and more importantly, having y’all read it and at least pretend that you like it! :spin: — undoubtedly takes top honors.

Thanks for being such amazing people and giving me an added incentive to keep going! :) I’m looking forward to the year ahead, the opportunity to meet even more of y’all, and hopefully even convince a few more to join me at the N.C. Central University School of Law ;)

Have a great night everybody! :D

  1. Coincidentally also the birthday of the Reasonably Prudent Law Student — happy birthday Huma!! :D []
  2. Although no one believes me, I’m actually a bit shy :oops: []

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