Candor FTW

Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Jul 22, 2010 in The 2L Life

I know over the last few days the entries here at law:/dev/null have had a distinctly anti-government flavor, and for that I apologize dear readers. These are supposed to be musings of a computer scientist “turned law student” and not of one turned into a political pundit :)

Apparently the Law School Gods agreed, because they made sure to provide material for today’s entry :beatup:

I’ve mentioned in a few previous entries that I’m volunteering with the Alternative Dispute Resolution clinic at the NC Central University School of Law. The course requirements include mediating about a dozen cases in Wake County District Court, creation of sample documents used by mediators in the field like Agreements to Mediate, a presentation on an ADR topic of interest (mine was plea bargaining), and 3 separate papers critiquing how some of those dozen-ish cases were actually mediated.

And amid my structureless boredom of summer, I completely forgot about the critiques :beatup:

So Professor ADR sent me an email wondering where they were. And I gave serious consideration to crafting some kind of plausible excuse to justify my failure. But the truth is I forgot, so I sheepishly confessed my sin in a response email and pleaded for mercy.

The professor’s response: “Well, you get points for candor at least.”

I guess it’s better than nothing :beatup:

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