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Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Jun 18, 2010 in Technology | Subscribe

I feel like I cheated those of you who expected something at least quasi-substantive today rather than a note about my backwards sleeping habits. So in an effort to fix any lingering disappointment you might have, I’m writing another less-than-quasi-substantive entry in the same day — my hope is that the rules of fraction addition apply to blog posts too, and these entries will add together into one quasi-substantive post :beatup:

The folks over at WordPress released version 3.0 of the software powering law:/dev/null, so I decided to take most of tonight to knock out some tweaks to the blog.


1) WordPress 3.0 is now installed on the backend of the site. I’m sure I will find some value out of it at some point, but right now the only things I’ve noticed are the things that annoy me.

Someone didn't bug-test their code...

For example, they’ve changed the color scheme for the admin UI so that the gray version is now near-totally grayscale and the blue version is now near-totally blue; my original UI was mostly grayscale with touches of color where appropriate.

There’s also a glaring UI bug in the counting mechanism for posts and related items: only 15 posts appear per page, but the counter is apparently hard-coded to expect 20 posts per page. Essentially the start value is [{($pageNum-1)*20}+1] when it should be [{($pageNum-1)*$postsNum}+1] where $postsNum is the user-configured number of posts that should appear. Instead I get graphic anomalies like the one in this screenshot… not terribly inspiring for a release that supposedly has 1,217 bugfixes1 :roll:

2) After upgrading WordPress, I went through all of the posts that were listed in multiple categories and trimmed them down so each post now appears in 1 — and only 1 — category apiece.  I also consolidated or recategorized entries in the previous “Background: Introductions”, “Background: NCCU”, and “Background: TDot” subcategories to help limit the proliferation of category detritus.

3) The various changes to the categories were partly to ensure forward-compatibility with any future changes I make to the permalinks… which you might have noticed look a little different :)

The old “ugly” permalinks that are the default have been changed to something more readable. So, for example, yesterday’s entry used to look like:

and now it looks like:

It’s a longer URL, but (i) it looks better and (ii) it makes reading the Site Stats easier for me ;)  The old URLs should still work and get automatically redirected. If you find an old link that’s not redirecting like it should, let me know.

4) I’ve also started going through the old entries and adding in relevant tags to each post. It’s going to take a couple more days to go through all 248 entries, but once it’s done I can work on adding in one of those tag cloud widgets to the sidebar to help simplify finding the stuff you want.2)

5) I also stumbled across a few more law student blogs amid my usual web wanderings, and added them to the blogroll. If you’ve got a blog you want added to the list, send me an email: TDot [at] :)


Not much, but it’s progress — and of course there will be more to come in the days / weeks / months ahead ;)

Thank you again for your continued support of law:/dev/null, I truly do appreciate it :) Have a great night y’all! :D

  1. The ending value has the same bug, but looks like it uses a conditional operator to cap $endValue to the number of $totalPosts so it’s not noticeable in the graphic I posted. []
  2. Moral of the story to would-be bloggers: configure your blog the way you want before you start writing entries ; []

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Jun 19, 2010 at 5:45 PM

So I guess that’s really only 1,216 bug fixes! ;-)


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