It’s like Spring finals. But worse.

Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Jun 24, 2010 in The 2L Life

Last night’s mini-rant on exam essays was just part of my general discontent with the end of my first summer session here at the N.C. Central University School of Law. I knew going into it that things would be fast-paced — after all we’re compressing 15 weeks’ worth of material into just 5 — but given the fewer credit hours I’m taking (7 now vs 15 in the Spring) my expectation was that things couldn’t be quite that bad.

And for the past month they haven’t been. Until now. When everything wants to happen in the span of 5ish days. :mad:

The Race & the Law final was due today; 2 essays with 3 issues apiece on constitutional law-related issues (bear in mind I don’t take ConLaw until the Fall).  Tomorrow at noon I’m mediating a case for my ADR Clinic requirements. Saturday I have class from 9am-3pm, in which I’ll be giving a 10-minute research presentation on plea bargaining — most of the “in-person” research for which hasn’t been done because the folks I hoped to interview haven’t been available except when I was in class. Once that’s wrapped I need to knock out my final exam for ADR Processes & Practices (another 2 essays) that’s due Monday at noon, so I can pivot and complete a portfolio project for the ADR Clinic later the same day.

I don’t mind hard work at all; it’s the best way to keep me out of trouble :beatup: But it would have been nice if this intensity was spread out throughout the summer session instead of compressed into only a few days…

Sorry for the griping y’all, just need to get it off my chest — thank you for indulging me :)  Heading to bed so I can get back on the grind tomorrow. Have a good night! :D

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