Quick hat tip to Zuckerberg

Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Jun 10, 2010 in Technology

Good evening y’all!

I promise you I haven’t forgotten about the race relations entry and $$ entry

For tonight I just wanted to give a quick hat tip to Mark Zuckerberg, the guy who created Facebook. Rarely a week goes by on the internet where someone somewhere doesn’t complain about Facebook’s privacy settings, interface changes, or some other component. Amid all the complaints — many of them legitimate — it’s easy to forget Facebook has done wonders for networking and finding people you once lost contact with.

Earlier today I had lunch with a friend I hadn’t seen since I graduated high school in 1998. We’ll call her Melinda.1 She and I were close friends back in high school, but lost contact when I had to drop out of NC State back in 2000. By the time I had regular access to the internet  and a phone again, her email address had changed, my email address had changed, and both of us had new phone numbers (and no mutual friends who kept in touch with us both).

Then at some point a couple months ago I found a whole raft of high school classmates when I was invited to a Facebook group for alumni of our high school chorus,2) and she was among them. Well over a decade had gone by for both of us: two degrees / a family / a dream job for her, and stuff y’all have already read for me.

We only talked for about an hour today before both of us had other obligations to attend to, but considering once upon a time I thought I’d never see Melinda at all until the 20-year class reunion3 I’m grateful to even have the option of having that lunch.

So Mark, if you ever happen to swing by my little piece of internet real estate: thanks :)  And feel free to join our law:/dev/null Facebook page ;)

I’m off to bed folks, getting up early to watch my successor as UNCASG President get sworn in to the UNC Board of Governors. Hope all of you have an amazing night! :D

  1. As in Medical Examiner Melinda Warner. Any Law & Order: SVU buffs here? []
  2. Yes, I confess: TDot used to sing. And the Salem High School Madrigals are a sufficiently Big Dealâ„¢ that they’ve got their own section in the school’s Wikipedia entry ; []
  3. Our 10-year class reunion was cancelled because apparently the class officers we elected back in 1998 never raised any money for the reunion trust fund :beatup: []

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