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Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Jun 6, 2010 in Randomness

Good evening y’all! :D

Sorry for the 3-day mini-hiatus. I wish I had a good excuse for you, but in all candidness most of that time has been spent reading for summer school classes and cleaning up the apartment :beatup:

The reading shouldn’t surprise any of you, but the cleaning might be so let me explain briefly.  Even though my place is fairly tiny compared to many of my law school colleagues (a mere 650ish square feet), I’ve got a really bad habit of letting things slide until I get über-annoyed and go on a cleaning spree.

I hadn’t substantively cleaned anything since final exams,1 so today was spent going through numerous piles of old outlines, old cases, and miscellaneous other papers stacked high in the living room.

It also reminded me of the sheer volume of magazines and other @#$% I get from the ABA for being a student member :crack:

Anyhow, based on some of the feedback I’ve gotten it seems like folks actually found some value in our TDot’s Tips entry on $$$.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do — Ricky Nelson and Va. both had detailed comments on some things I hadn’t considered. Also much thanks and appreciation to ImNobody over at Thanks, but No Thanks, to Brent at Caffeine Review, and to the folks at ClearAdmit for sharing the entry with their readers.

I’ve got more cash-related tips to share in the next few days, but Brent actually rounded up a lot of recent pre-L advice and I thought I’d follow his lead. Here’s a handful of suggestions from across the web over the past couple weeks:

  • Brent’s roundup of 1L advice (Caffeine Review)
  • Part 1 of a 3-part series, Law School Ninja on the importance of enjoying your pre-L summer2) (Law School Ninja)
  • Part 2 of that series, this time on orientation, the curve, and study time (Law School Ninja)
  • Mariel with a thorough entry on school supplies, from computers to desk chairs and everything in between (Fresh Thought Soup)
  • Ricky Nelson with some housing advice for soon-to-be renters (Legally Questionable Content)
  • And some suggestions for soon-to-be bloggers (Legally Questionable Content)
  • Then there’s Dennis Jansen’s advice repository — it’s not as recent as these other entries but definitely falls in the “must read” category (Dennis Jansen)

I’m also told from the panicky status updates in my Facebook mini-feed that tomorrow is June LSAT day. As someone who didn’t take the June LSAT precisely because I had too much going on to focus, I’d encourage those of you planning to take the test tomorrow to read this entry from Ann Levine — if you’re not 100% comfortable and able to get into your “zone” definitely consider skipping the test tomorrow and knocking it out in October instead.

That’s it from me tonight folks, I’m off to continue reading for my ADR Practices class before heading to bed so I can get up early — allegedly the waiting for grades ends tomorrow :eek:

Have a great night!! :D

  1. “Substantively” meaning anything beyond the bare minimum necessary to ensure I’ve got clean clothes to wear, clean dishes to use, and the ability to shower without feeling like I’m bathing in mold :beatup: []
  2. Because you will not be able to truly prepare. Trust her. And me. And pretty much everyone else you’ve ever read who has finished 1L year ; []

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