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Posted by T. Greg Doucette on May 8, 2010 in NotFail

No one’s really sure when the final grades will be posted for 1Ls at the N.C. Central University School of Law. Some 2Ls have told us not to expect anything until June at the earliest, while the professors point us toward the school’s academic calendar requiring grades to be in by May 11 — Tuesday.

Regardless of when those grades come out, I figure I’ll keep up the tradition of post-exam handicapping by giving y’all a rundown of how I think things went :) I’ve also included the final grade I’m hoping for in the course.

  • Civil Procedure II: This was our last final exam and I choked. Or “royally FUBAR’d” to borrow the phrase-ology of a colleague. I felt comfortable about the multiple choice questions, but inexplicably stopped paying attention to the clock and ran out of time before touching 60%ish of the essay… which itself was worth 60%ish of the final exam grade :beatup: My only hope is that there’s a sizable curve on the exam, because otherwise I may come perilously close to having to retake the course. Hoping for: C+.
  • Contracts II: Out of the 18 exams we’ve taken during the 1L year, I’ve never left an exam feeling intellectually drained except with this one. Not to anthropomorphize much, but I felt like I got physically beat by this exam. Summed up my thoughts on it here. I’ll genuinely be content if I just pass. Hoping for: C-.
  • Criminal Law I: This was our first exam, and even though we were given 3 hours I had wrapped up after just 1. Not sure if that meant I knew things really well or really didn’t know things at all, but since the midterm turned out well I’m hoping I replicated that performance on the final. Hoping for: A-.
  • Legal Research & Persuasion: Not sure what to think here. I had a solid A going into the final memo, which was worth 40% of the final grade. But then this happened. So that memo will likely be a lead weight on my final grade. We’ll see what happens… Hoping for: C.
  • Property II: Don’t have a sense for how this exam turned out. It focused on concurrent estates, landlord/tenant items, and easements & covenants. I wasn’t terribly comfortable with the material, but also didn’t feel terribly uncomfortable after the exam. So maybe that’s a good thing. Hoping for: B+.
  • Torts II: In talking with my classmates, there seems to be a consensus that the Torts exam wasn’t as difficult as it could have been. I felt the same way. Downside is that means there’s likely not much curve and it’ll be minor nit-picky things that separate the A’s from the B’s from the C’s. But hopefully I’ll be high enough that this class will be a GPA boost. Hoping for: A-.

So it’s looking like I’ll end my Spring semester with a 2.583 GPA… even lower than the 2.618 from last semester :beatup:

I’m kicking myself particularly because those CivPro and LRP grades were totally avoidable self-inflicted injuries. But at this point what can you do other than pray?

If you’re still taking final exams this coming week, GOOD LUCK!! :D And I hope all of you have a good night :)


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