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Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Apr 17, 2010 in The 1L Life | Subscribe

Welcome to the weekend everybody! :D

This is one of those post drafts I mentioned a couple days ago, the ones that were supposed to be done last week before I randomly disappeared. So this is old news for my colleagues at the N.C. Central University School of Law who happen to stop by, and to y’all I apologize.

But I love being right and just couldn’t resist :beatup:

Regular readers here at law:/dev/null know I’ve got a fairly dismissive view of grade secrecy in law school and the whole “omg we’re all competing with each other!” worldview. I’m candid with all of you about my grades (e.g. here and here and here) even though they’re not that great, simply because (1) it’s a better option than wasting time/energy trying to stay secretive, and (2) everyone knows I’m not a top student so I conveniently get excluded from the law school gossip mill ;)

Every 3.0+ student at NCCU

The folks who preferred the secretive approach found out I was right last week, albeit for totally unexpected reasons.

As part of its mission, N.C. Central University — not just the law school but the whole thing — intentionally serves students who otherwise might not be accepted to college elsewhere. Since it takes a “calculated risk” admitting those students, grade inflation is practically non-existent: the “curve” is set at 2.000 in nearly every course of study, and professors will promptly flunk you if your performance is not acceptable.

So it’s probably no surprise there are some Eagle alums in their first year at Harvard Law School, some current NCCU students scoring in the top percentile of all Praxis-takers statewide, and a massive poster touting every student with a GPA above 3.0 in every department.

Yes, you read that right :)

We have an annual Honors Convocation for everyone in honors range, but what many of the 1Ls didn’t know (myself included) is that the Convocation folks also print massive posters for each of the academic buildings on campus. These posters list out everyone currently at the cum laude (3.0-3.29), magna cum laude (3.3-3.49), and summa cum laude (3.5+) levels.

And that includes the law school.

The good students @ NCCU Law

I can’t accurately convey to you in words a week later how much buzz and consternation and gnashing of teeth this poster caused for the 2-3 weeks it was up :crack:

Some folks were upset their names were listed, others were upset that other people’s names were listed, etc etc etc.

Personally I found it all eminently amusing, no doubt partly because everyone knew my name wasn’t going to be on there… but mostly because a number of people who’ve talked big game about their grades have been exposed as frauds by their absence :roll:

So to any pre-Ls looking forward to attending NCCU Law next Fall, let this be a lesson to you: listen to TDot ;) I won’t steer you wrong :D

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Madame Prosecutor
Apr 18, 2010 at 2:14 PM

LMAO!!! Hilarious!!


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