Friday Drive-by #11 (or, “It’s an honor just to be nominated”)

Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Apr 16, 2010 in Friday Drive-by

Amid all the craziness trying to get caught up — with exams starting next week too! :surprised: — I totally overlooked an email from the folks over at ClearAdmit back on Monday. Turns out law:/dev/null is one of their Top 25 nominees for the “Best of Blogging 2009-2010” Award!

The nomination was a total surprise, particularly given the far more talented writing of many other nominees (not to mention my frequent and arbitrary disappearances :beatup: ).

But now I’ve got a better understanding of where Oscar nominees are coming from when they say it’s an honor just to be nominated. To have this blog included in the same list as my own “Big 3” (Jansen, TRPLS, and idwsj) is a big honor in my book :D

So to the folks over at ClearAdmit, many many thanks! And also *THANK YOU* to all of you readers who keep coming back… and thus encourage me to keep writing ((Which means if you don’t like what I write, stop visiting :P)) :angel:

I’d encourage all of you to check out the other blogs in the Top 25 — I even found some new entries to the blogroll in this list :)

Have fun reading y’all :) And a great night! :D

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