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Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Apr 15, 2010 in Student Government

It’s officially official: today marked my first day working as Treasurer of NCCU Law‘s Student Bar Association :)

Everyone on the group’s Executive Board seems like cool people who will get along well in the year ahead. Granted that might just be my irrepressible optimism talking, but I’d say it’s a reasonable belief so far.

More importantly than getting along: the other officers are big on getting things done.

Take the SBA website as an example. I think it’s fair to characterize our current web offerings as unacceptable, as we instead put most of our information through the clunky and poorly coded TWEN system.

So during our transition meeting on Tuesday, as the outgoing officers were giving their reports, the Secretary and I were sitting next to each other  getting things in place for a new website. By the end of the meeting the URL was registered, hosting provided, WordPress installed, new theme installed, and listserv up in the background for communication.1

There’s still a ton of graphic and content work that needs to be done over the summer, but it was a pretty solid improvement for 30 minutes’ worth of work ;)

Everyone’s got a ton of ideas: power strips in our Fishbowl,2 some kind of snack option during exams for students who stay here ’til the wee hours of the night, linking up with the undergraduate SG to build a coalition on issues like food services, my personal goal to make our appropriations process more rigorous, the list goes on and on and on.

The Secretary summed it up well earlier today when she remarked “This is gonna be one of those revolutionary type of e-boards, I can tell.”

Things do occasionally get awkward for me at times since I was the only 1L to get elected out of the 3 who ran. So the other 4 executive officers have known each other longer, had common experiences, etc, and every now and then I feel an obligation to “mind my place” in the law school heirarchy.

But the upside to a group sharing a common vision is that the interpersonal divide should melt away in favor of getting that vision implemented. Time will tell.

And until then, there’s work to be done… and haters to be proven wrong ;) Have a great night everybody! :D

  1. Truly never knew my degree would prove to be so useful in law school :spin: []
  2. This would be a huge help to those of us who prefer the student lounge to the law library. []

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