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Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Mar 22, 2010 in The 1L Life | Subscribe

April can’t get here fast enough :beatup:

I’m currently sitting in an auto repair shop, getting even more work done on my only-8-years-old Ford Focus, ((“Define ‘even more,’ you ask? I’ll put it to you like this — I’m never buying another Ford unless I’m given a really sweet deal.)) so I figured I’d use the unexpected downtime to finally catch y’all up on some of the events that precipitated my recent absence.

  • We got midterm grades back last week. I’ll have a thorough review of everything some time this week, but until then I’ll just say the results turned out well… except in Contracts… again :cry:
  • Late Wednesday night was spent working on a “pathfinder” for our Legal Research memos — basically a 15ish page document listing possible citation sources among case law, statutes, law journals, etc. Pretty total waste of time but at least it got done.
  • After Thursday classes, I used the evening to piece together my initial closing argument for NCCU Law‘s annual Mary Wright 1L Closing Argument competition, which is basically the big-time end-of-the-year mirror image to November’s Opening Statement competition that was used to pick the highly successful 1L Trial Team.
  • Friday was devoted to stressing out over that aforementioned closing. The competition starts at 6pm, I leave my apartment around 5:00pm to make sure I’ve got plenty of time to make the 20min drive, and what happens? I get a flat tire :beatup: And even though I’m pretty adept at changing tires and making car repairs in general ((Because, if you couldn’t tell from the opening sentence, my Ford is a piece of mechanical @#$%.)) I couldn’t get the doggone thing taken off the car — I bought new tires back in the frigidity of December, they were installed by the shop, and with the warm weather basically the rim got stuck to the brake drum. So I had to frantically get in touch with one of the folks from the trial team and hitch a ride to campus.
  • Luckily I made it to the law school in time to still check in and participate, and did well enough to advance to the final round on Sunday. Then worked for another hour or so after to finally get the dead tire off my car and put the donut on :beatup:
  • On Friday I also filed to run for Treasurer of our Student Bar Association.  Clearly I didn’t learn my lesson from last time. Elections are this Thursday so we’ll see how it goes.
  • Saturday was Wii Day — I cleaned up the house, got the tire patched, talked with Madame Prosecutor about law school miscellany, then spent the entire evening/night playing Wii. Probably should have been studying, but damn it felt good to relax.
  • Then yesterday was spent stressing out about the Closing Argument finals, ((Made sure to leave 2 hours early this time, just in case I got another flat :beatup: )) then afterwards heading home and starting to study for Monday classes…
  • …at which point I realized I hadn’t figured out my schedule for Fall 2010 :)
  • Then this morning I woke up bright early, successfully registered for 8am classes (I’ll post the schedule later), went to CivPro, talked to Professor Ks about my dismal Contracts midterm, and then went to the auto shop… where I’ve been sitting ever since :beatup:

So yeah, that catches y’all up on the craziness that has been my life for the past few days :) Hope all of you have a great afternoon! :D

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