A Temporary Reprieve

Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Mar 6, 2010 in NotFail | Subscribe

Spring Break has officially started for those of us at NCCU Law, meaning a solid week of desperately needed relaxation, a judicious helping of ACC basketball, and a decent night’s sleep uninterrupted by crazy Property+CivPro dreams :D

Last set of exams wrapped up yesterday with Contracts and CrimLaw. We won’t get grades back until after Spring Break, but here’s a rundown on how things went:

  • Property II: This was our first midterm, and the only test we had on Wednesday so folks prepped pretty extensively for it. Essay was similar to a practice essay we had done the previous week, so my grade will hinge largely on the multiple choice questions.  Hoping for: A-.
  • Civil Procedure II: Our second test held @ 9am Thursday.  I think everyone in the class expected this to be a lot harder than it was, with no questions at all on FRCP Rules 18-24.  The essay caught some folks by surprise with an Erie/Byrd/Hanna analysis of FRCP Rule 9 and NCRCP Rule 9(j), which I noticed had a “particularly” written next to it by MDG on the syllabus a few weeks ago. Praying I accurately remembered its contents :beatup: Hoping for: A-.
  • Torts II: Professor Torts has been disappointed with the class’s performance on multiple choice questions (we have these remote clicker things that we use for questions she occasionally gives us before class) so the midterm was essay-free with 15 multiples instead. I already know I got at least one wrong, which I realized moments after turning in my exam — and which makes me think I missed more. At 6.67pts apiece, I’m not optimistic.  Hoping for: B-.
  • Contracts II: I’d like to reserve an obscene hand gesture for this exam, but since we try to keep things family-friendly here at law:/dev/null I’ll restrain myself ;) This was my worst class last semester and it hasn’t really “clicked” this semester either, but either by sheer luck or divine intervention the stuff I studied most the night before was the same stuff on the exam. Trying not to get too optimistic, but feeling pretty good :)  Hoping for:  B+.
  • Criminal Law I: The multiples on this one were harder than I expected. For several questions I’d narrow the answer options down to 2, just to find myself unable to pick which of the last two was the better answer. Missed a key issue on the essay (standard of evidentiary review on appeal) but beyond that think I did OK. Just have no clue about those multiples… :( Hoping for: B.

So in a best case scenario I’ll escape midterms with a 3.28 semester GPA going into finals. I need a 3.36 at the end of this semester to have a B average at the end of 1L year. It’s an uphill battle but I’ll keep my fingers crossed :)

Good luck to everyone still taking midterms, and HAVE FUN to everyone on Spring Break! :D


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