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Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Mar 31, 2010 in The 1L Life

Fall semester of your 2L year at the N.C. Central University School of Law is when students get to take their first batch of elective courses.

In general they also end up choosing between two different “tracks” of classes, taking Evidence and Constitutional Law together or taking Business Associations and Federal Income Tax together.1

Classes for 2L Fall

Given my affinity for mock trial, I decided to go the Evidence+ConLaw route so I’m better prepared for competition next year :angel:

That left me with ~3 elective spots to fill in. In an effort to get as many required courses knocked out as early as possible — so I can spend 3L year studying stuff I enjoy — I decided to sign up for both Decedents’ Estates I and Legal Letters.

Honestly, I’m not looking forward to DE. When I worked for the Wake County Clerk’s Office back in 2003/2004, my office was on the 12th floor of the Courthouse on the edge of the Wills & Estates section. It was a very drab and somber atmosphere since it pretty much exclusively deals with… well… dead folks and their stuff. I know it’s an important area of the law but seeing folks in tears while trying to partition a loved one’s property isn’t really my cup of tea :beatup:

Not sure what to think about Legal Letters. From the course description it deals with crafting demand letters, responses and such, which was one of the things I did as a paralegal. Hopefully that means it’ll be easy, but also probably as exciting as watching grass grow :(

So my only “true” elective is Domestic Violence Law. One of the 3Ls I frequently hit up for advice suggested avoiding the class because it gets very intense/emotional. But if I’m going to make a living throwing people in prison, I figure I should start delving into the intense/emotional stuff sooner rather than later.2

Beyond the actual classes I’m taking though, do you know the highlight of this semester? The one perk that outshines all others?

No Friday classes! :D

I’m looking forward to having a 3-day weekend every single week of the year. Haven’t had a class schedule like this in years :)

That’s it from me tonight, have a great evening everybody!! :D


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  1. On an unrelated side note, how sad is it that our tax code is so complex you can teach an entire law course on it? :crack: []
  2. And my preexisting philosophy on people who commit domestic violence is to strap their ass to a chair and flip the switch. I doubt the course will change that. []

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