Home, Sweet Home :)

Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Jan 31, 2010 in Randomness

The drive home from the tre-fo was a little crazy, but I’m finally back in the Bull City :D

It was a little strange driving down the interstate unable to see lane lines or the curb or anything else but the solid snow+ice on the road around you. The interesting thing is how courteous and cooperative folks become when they’re in an equally precarious situation alongside you.

I’m wondering if there’s a comparison to be made there with law school…

Fortunately the DOT did a lot of road-clearing work on I-40 from Greensboro to Durham, so after escaping Forsyth County it was a relatively smooth ride. Now hoping MDG will cancel CivPro tomorrow :beatup:

But reading anyway just in case. Have Why Do Fools Fall In Love playing in the background — I forgot how thoroughly ridiculous / amusing this movie is…

[Update @ 8:30pm — All classes canceled until noon… meaning no class at all for me :D ]

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