Mother Nature and I are gonna have words…

Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Jan 28, 2010 in Student Government

Remember back during winter break, when I was looking forward to enjoying some wintry precipitation only to get cheated by Mother Nature?

Well apparently she’s deciding not to tease me this time, with what looks like a fairly decent snowstorm (at least by central North Carolina standards) barreling down on the state starting tomorrow.

The catch? Our monthly business meeting of the UNC Association of Student Governments is this weekend :beatup:

We can’t reschedule, because of the time-consuming bureaucratic red tape we have to go through to meet in the first place. We can’t cancel, because we need to have some votes on tuition/fee-related items before our University system’s Board of Governors votes on them in 2 weeks.  So we’re gathering ~80 folks from 17 institutions throughout the state to converge in a city (Winston-Salem) right in the middle of the winter storm warnings, with the non-trivial possibility of having to meet in our hotel rooms if we can’t reach the host campus.

I dang well better get to enjoy some snow this weekend at the very least :P

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