The Waiting Game (Law School Edition)

Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Dec 20, 2009 in The 1L Life | Subscribe

It’s Sunday. I’m fairly certain no one is working at the law school. And several of my fellow 1Ls (see Really? Law? or Catatonic Storm Clouds) still have exams looming.

And yet I can’t resist the occasional impulse to log in and see if my grades have been posted :beatup:

I know there’s nothing there. Delta the 2L even forewarned me that we probably wouldn’t get grades back until mid-January.

But it’s driving me batshit crazy not knowing how the first semester turned out.  If things went well, I want to know so I can celebrate accordingly (e.g. by getting thoroughly plastered with friends). If things went not-so-well, I want to know so I can wallow in my own self-pity (e.g. by getting thoroughly plastered by myself).

Either way, I see -0- benefit in having to wait until well after the new year. If you were a professor, wouldn’t you want to get the grading knocked out so you could enjoy the next 2-3 weeks without any obligations hanging over your head? And how on Earth do they manage to process grades in only a few days when it comes to notifying graduates that they’ll get to participate in Commencement?

Dear NCCU law faculty: we’ve been done for almost two weeks now. I want my grades plzkkthxu :P


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