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Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Dec 8, 2009 in Things TDot Likes

I just got thoroughly, thoroughly mauled by my Ks final a couple hours ago.


And on top of it, the post-exam mood among my classmates was almost ebullient compared to the CivPro final on Saturday — meaning the curve will probably not be working to my advantage this time around :beatup:

So rather than pen an entry griping about my total inability to internalize basic contractual issues (again), I figured I’d just start studying for Thursday’s Torts exam and copy/paste a Facebook note I threw together for some of my 1L colleagues the other day:

Logo for Persona Non Obscura

I know a handful of you were/are irritated with me for sending you a Page suggestion a few hours ago — we all get a few dozen Page / group / event invites a day, and I just contributed to the volume. It was thoroughly hypocritical of me considering how much I grouse about all the notifications from Facebook, right?

Let me explain :P

As of last Tuesday, my fellow 1Ls started sending out applications to law firms for summer 2010 internships. On top of that, I know a handful of NCSU alums who are either still looking for their first post-collegiate work or are stuck working somewhere they’d prefer to leave.

And if you’re looking for a job, you need a website.

I know it seems excessive, maybe even a little ridiculous. But you want to have control over your online image, because Googling job applicants is all the rage nowadays. I didn’t believe it until just before the Fall semester started, when I was talking with a lawyer and randomly started getting questions about GOP politics — turns out a foundation’s web entry for a scholarship I got a few years back has me listed among the “Top 100 conservative students” in a Google search.

That’s where Persona Non Obscura comes in. It’s a company run by a friend of mine who I met just under a decade ago when we both worked for Apple Computer, and she provides an inexpensive option for students and recent grads who want to get started with a crisp website for job hunting.

You control what’s on your own personal site, which means you shape the narrative about yourself. In my case, I may be a conservative Republican but I work with Democrats and liberals too — higher education and students are what I care about, regardless of party affiliations.

And in case you’re worried I’d lead you astray, it’s a service I use myself — she created the website for my Student Senate President campaign back in 2007, and tgregdoucette.com will be online shortly too ;)

I’ve tagged Ming-Hwi in this Facebook note if you want to get in touch with her for more information. Check out Persona Non Obscura online at http://nonobscura.com/ or become a fan of the Facebook page @ http://facebook.com/nonobscura/ :)

Check it out if you get bored, and spread the word as well :)

Have a great day folks! :D

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