TDot’s Tips #1: Exercise!

Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Nov 29, 2009 in TDot's Tips | Subscribe

For those of you who are new readers to law:/dev/null (welcome!! :) ), the “TDot’s Tips” category is basically where I compile snippets of unwarranted and minimally useful advice from my life in case you’re a pre-L looking for suggestions on making it through law school or a #L wondering what works for other #Ls. Your mileage may vary, there are no express or implied warranties as to the effectiveness of the tips herein, caveat emptor, etc etc etc ;)

The draft of this particular post was actually written awhile ago, in anticipation of a day when I’d have nothing to post. Turns out life had other plans — I’m now crutch-stricken courtesy of a “suspected stress fracture to the left tibia.” I’ve been doing physical training to get in shape for the USMC (hoping to go to Officer Candidates School this coming June) and apparently have been running a little too far, a little too hard, a little too soon :beatup:

The upside? It provides an excellent segue into the topic of this entry :D

Studying the law is a tedious process. Mind-numbingly boring in fact. You’re basically growing your mind in two ways at once. First of course you’re learning the law itself… and the requisite exceptions… and the requisite exceptions to those exceptions. Then you’re also learning to be overly-analytical and “think like a lawyer” so you can successfully rob your life of anything even vaguely resembling spontaneity or simplicity as you invariably dicker over terms and conditions.

Even if both of those come naturally or you enjoy them, you’ll still be undergoing an evolutionary process only slightly more exciting than watching your hard drive defragment itself :beatup:

That’s the main reason why exercising in law school is so important. Even if you’re not the exercising type — I had been to the gym a grand total of maybe twice in my last 2-3 years of undergrad — just getting out of the house and going for a walk around the neighborhood will clear and refresh your mind.

Building up to more aggressive activities like running or playing basketball will also help you stay fit and be more energetic during the day. That’s a particular benefit if you’re not a morning type and spend your first class or two of the day in a haze (trust me).

And keeping your body accustomed to physical activity helps ensure you don’t end up breaking something doing too much too soon ;)

So as you’re studying for the LSAT or final exams or anything else coming up at this time of year, make sure to take at least an hour a day to do something non-school-related. You’ll be glad you did :)

Have a great night folks! :D


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