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Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Nov 22, 2009 in The 1L Life | Subscribe

The meeting this weekend went superlatively well. Superlatively. All 17 of our 17 institutions were represented. We set a new all-time 38-year record for attendance, beating the previous all-time record… we just finished setting in February. All the legislation that was introduced was adopted unanimously. The committees had a ton of good discussion on important projects we’re taking up over the next couple months. The list goes on.

Even the football game went well, since no matter which side won it would be a team from the UNC system ;)

So I got back to Durham earlier tonight, finished unpacking, looked at the calendar… and now I’m feeling slight pangs of anxiety over the fact exams are coming up next week.

Yes, next week. We’ve got class this Monday and Tuesday, a break for Thanksgiving, and then exam season starts promptly the following Wednesday with Property.  And then CivPro a couple days after that. Then Contracts a couple days after that. Then Torts a couple days after that.

Now I’m not the panicky type. At all. In fact a non-trivial number of my achievements in life have roots in the fact I tend to be patient and act deliberately in high-stress situations.


None of these classes are particularly hard taken individually, one concept at a time. But pulling together multi-page outlines with multiple rules, corresponding exceptions, and exceptions to the exceptions… even my otherwise-iron will is getting a little shaky.

The upside is that at this point next month I’ll have my feet kicked up in the recliner doing absolutely nothing :)  Here’s hoping I make it…

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