“Just because everyone else is doing it…”

Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Nov 23, 2009 in The 1L Life | Subscribe

Peer pressure was never really a problem for me growing up. I think. If it was, I’ve successfully repressed the bad memories ;)

From left: me, the SBP of UNCSA, the SBVP of ECSU, and the SBP of UNCW

From left: me, the SBVP of ECSU, the SBP of UNCSA,  and the SBP of UNCW

But now that I’m older, mentioning the word “competition” coupled with a friend’s name is like waving a bloody slab of meat in shark-infested water.

Case in point: deciding to compete with some of my UNCASG folks in a rock wall climbing competition before Saturday’s football game, even though I’d never climbed a rock wall in my life (I came in 4th of 4 :( ).

Law school is no different.

Madame Prosecutor and I are already teaming up for the American Bar Association‘s Client Counseling Competition even though it’s entirely dominated by 2Ls and 3Ls. Then earlier today I got an email announcing that it’s the last day to sign up for a 1L oral argument competition sponsored by Kilpatrick Stockton… and nearly half of my section is already signed up.

So naturally I did the same :beatup:

It looks like it’s part of a larger mock trial competition and the 1Ls are only doing the opening statements, so the volume of work is far less than having to do actual research on securities fraud (my prep topic for the CCC). I’m just wondering if this competitive zeal is going to continue into my legal career, or if I’ll end up getting burned out from it… :)

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