Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Nov 21, 2009 in Student Government

Whenever there’s a UNCASG meeting, the wholesale creation of various inside jokes (some funny, others not-so-much) inevitably follows.  ASG may be the best student advocacy groups in the state. It may get a lot of tangible business done that benefits the students of the University. But it also epitomizes the “Play Hard” component of the saying “Work Hard, Play Hard” — and those antics provide a ready supply of material.

Calling “tendencies” seems like it’ll become one of the new ones from this weekend.  It started last night when some of us noticed one of our more-coquettish officers flirting with a few delegates, and a comment was made about her “ho-like tendencies” (said with tongue firmly planted in cheek, as she’s probably the most innocent of my executive team — myself included :angel: ).

The reference would have died as quickly as it was uttered… but for the indignation of the lass in question when she overheard it. So now whenever she does anything that could conceivably be construed as flirting, someone blurts out “tendencies” and a round of laughs ensue.

And after the ASU-WCU football game earlier today, it may get expanded to other uses as well.

UNCASG folks at the ASU-WCU football game in Boone

UNCASG folks at the ASU-WCU football game in Boone

Following an ASU touchdown, their school mascot fires a rifle over the crowd. Shortly into the first quarter they scored, the rifle goes off… and Q.T. + half of our folks duck. Not flinch, not scrunch down a little bit, but completely hit the deck to avoid gunfire. And where were those folks from? Winston-Salem. Durham. Baltimore. Miami. Etc.

Maybe I didn’t react because I saw it coming, but I laughed :beatup: It’s one of those experiences that I can’t adequately capture in words for the blog, but thought I’d share just the same.

Off to the usual post-meeting celebrating :)  Have a great night folks!

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