Misreading IP addresses (or, “Hi Eagles!”)

Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Nov 4, 2009 in Technology

In one of the Mailbag entries from last month, I mentioned regularly checking the server logs to see what IP addresses you loyal readers are using. I’m not trying to stalk anyone, I just prefer cross-referencing the IP history with the most popular posts in case something appears unduly salacious and in need of editing.

My misplaced paranoia has thus far been… well… misplaced, largely because my law school life is actually pretty boring :beatup: (contrast with the excitement idwsj gets to enjoy up the road/coast at NYU)

So yesterday I’m sitting in the Fishbowl and decide to poke around with the wifi, so I can network my MacBook Pro with one of the printers at the law school in case I ever need a case for class or something. I print out the HP LaserJet 9050 diagnostic page with its IP address, click a few buttons on the laptop, and voila everything is good to go in about 10 seconds.

But instead of throwing away the diagnostic page, I tucked it in my bookbag so I could recycle it later (yes, though I’m a Republican I do care at least somewhat about the environment :P ). I happened to have that page out with other recyclables when I checked the server logs earlier today. And randomly noticed that I’ve been misreading my traffic stats.

Remember back in August when law:/dev/null first got started that the bots and I were the largest source of traffic — no surprise since no one knew this place existed beyond myself and Google. So in the server logs the biggest slice of the traffic pie chart was always red (me @ home), the next biggest slice was blue (me @ school), and there were a bunch of teeny slices in various colors (the bots and everyone else).

Well apparently that switched in October and I just never noticed. As I stopped logging in so often to set up/maintain the basic blog-related stuff, the red slice that I thought was me at home actually became folks other than me at the NCCU School of Law. October has been our busiest month so far with ~327 daily visits by non-TDot people (double where we were a couple months ago)… and nearly half are Legal Eagles.

So to those Eagles who are new here, hi!  (And to those of you who have been lurking for a while… hi! :D )

Now I just have to figure out a way to deal with the performance anxiety of knowing my peers are actually wasting spending their time reading this stuff…

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