To counsel, or not to counsel?

Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Nov 2, 2009 in The 1L Life

Stayed late at the N.C. Central School of Law today for the first time since the semester began. I usually head for home once class is over, partly to avoid drama and partly because my apartment is tailored to my learning style, but there was an interest meeting for the ABA’s Client Counseling Competition just before dinner. Madame Prosecutor mentioned it to me during poker night on Friday, and given our competitive tendencies I figured I needed to make an appearance in case I decided to join in.

Have any of y’all done any of these? Are they worth the effort?

Participation nets me an ungraded 1-credit course in exchange for extra work in November/December/January. And it’s a team competition, so I’d have to find someone who’s (i) competent, (ii) personable, and (iii) able to tolerate me (and vice versa). I don’t really need it for the résumé… but at the same time, I loooooove competition.

2Ls, 3Ls, post-Ls — give me your thoughts please :D

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