A culinary synopsis of the semester so far…

Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Oct 3, 2009 in Weekend Roundup

Back in the early days of law:/dev/null/ I figured each weekend I’d post some reflections on the previous week.  It didn’t take too terribly long to realize my life just wasn’t interesting enough to do that consistently, which is why you haven’t seen one since the end of Week 3 ;)

With Week 8 about to start and most sensible 1Ls freaking out over mid-terms, I started putting together some reflections on the semester now that we’re basically at the half-way mark (8.33% of law school done, w00t!).  But then I noticed that my diet actually is a perfect metaphor for the semester as a whole.

Brief explanatory aside:  I’m a big breakfast person.  Love breakfast.  I can endure an awful lot of abuse and still be in a cheery mood as long as I have (i) a hot shower and (ii) a decent meal to start the day.  Miss either of those two, and I’m not a fun person to be around…

My approximate breakfast contents, starting with Orientation at Week 0:

  • Week 0:  Bacon, scrambled eggs, french toast or biscuits, cup of orange juice
  • Week 1:  Bacon, scrambled eggs, french toast or biscuits, cup of orange juice
  • Week 2:  Bacon, scrambled eggs, slice of regular toast, cup of orange juice
  • Week 3:  Waffles with syrup, cup of orange juice
  • Week 4:  Waffles with syrup, cup of coffee
  • Week 5:  Bowl of cereal, cup of coffee
  • Week 6+:  Waffles (no syrup), Diet Mountain Dew, eaten in the car on the way to class…

Not a fan of how this trend has been going, but we’ll see if things improve at all after midterms :)  Have a good night everybody :D

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